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Britain enters the ME theater of war

#28: July - Sept. 2006 (Non-Fiction)
minority mandate


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I think you are correct in your observations Julian. "Considering the tangible benefits that had begun to flow from the policy of non-intervention, it seems astonishing that at about this time [September 1914] Enver Pasha began to plot against that policy . . . . in the wake of the Russian collapse, he seems to have turned to thoughts of Turkey seizing Russian territory" (pgs 69 - 70).This seems typical of most of the European nations' thoughts about war at the time as being profitable only in so far as their territory and resources could be expanded (and therefore their civilizing influence could be brought to barbaric non-European peoples - how unlike today's thinking - or not).England and Germany may have had further motivation since they were vying for commercial and maritime supremacy, and England was slipping badly on both fronts.Had Turkey remained neutral it may have gained a few years of life, however, it would have had to keep the straights open to Russian and British traffic, to the detriment of Germany.
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