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Yahooo! Al Qaeda's Zarqawi killed in Iraq: ABC!

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Re: Points to Ponder

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River: while our killing of innocents as collateral damage is different than terrorists intentional killing of innocents (be there no uncertain terms that these two actions ARE different), there still is tremendous moral issue at stake in regards to how many innocents we unintentionally send to their death beds.If we know engaging in war will kill innocents, accept fully that dropping bombs, flying sorties, delivering missles, urban warfare, etc. will kill non-combattants...if we know this, and do it anyway, how can we say we don't intend it? If I know a certain action will undoubtedly lead to certain consequences, and I engage in that action, then it follows that I intended those consequences...at least it follows that I am responsible for those consequences.If I want to avoid those consequences, I don't commit the action.Furthermore, I don't accept the notion that our intentions are to liberate, but to impose new structures of control and domination; friendly to our interests first and foremost...and I don't think the our in that statement refers to you or myself, or anyone else on this board...hell, I don't think it is in anyone's best interests. I think you agree with this.I think it's also important to ask: how would we in the US respond if our country was under seige...invaded, our cities bombed, hundreds of thousands of foreign soldiers in our homes, public buildings, patrolling our streets, claiming the force of law, armed and shooting Americans...and surrounded by scores of thousands of mutilated innocents; women, children, etc. bombed and killed by these invading forces. I think this corresponds to the serious moral issues your referred to when killing innocents.Another element that needs consideration when accepting the cost of collateral damage, is the risk at killing those who are best able to eliminate the threat the war is designed to address. Those non-combattants killed in war by our invading forces may have been the very forces needed to do the job our F16s and Humvees are dangerously unsuited for. Edited by: Dissident Heart at: 6/9/06 12:02 pm
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