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Who will we attack next?

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Re: Who will we attack next?

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Quote:Thanks, I've been thinking about this quite a bit, especially since, like Hersh, I thought an attack on Iran was inevitable until recently. That got me to thinking about some of the larger issues involved. Whatever short-term successes military action might bring, I think we need to consider the long-term impact our actions have in breeding resentment and encouraging extremism in the region. Hersh came and spoke here in Seattle last month and it was quite interesting to hear him speak freely to questions as opposed to television interviews. He's been on this "we're going to attack Iran" thought for awhile and while it still hasn't come to fruition, it's hard not to think that there has to be something to it coming from a man with such good inside sources. He claims that the recent bombing of Lebanon by Israel was a precursor to us bombing Iran because we needed to try to prevent a retalitory strike from Hezbollah against Israel. Combine that with reports I've seen of our ships being delployed in the area (www.globalresearch.ca/ind...leId=3696) and the talk about bunker busting bombs and it seems like a very real possibility.As for the Koppel show, I watched the first 3rd of it on Tivo last night and what struck me was how similar the Iranian President is to Bush. They paint him as fairly imcompetent about world affairs but yet he really appeals to a "religous base" in Iran because of his fanatic statements against the U.S. To us, Iran is part of the "Axis of Evil". To them, the U.S. is the "Great Satan". Luckily, he doesn't have complete control and seems to be surrounded by more logical thinkers.
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