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What Democrat would make a good US President?

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Re: What Democrat would make a good US President?

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Chris, just to clarify, I didn't actually think anybody (of note) had suggested nuking Iran. That was pure hyperbole. But there are those who wanted to see strong military action against Iran, not because diplomacy would not work but because they didn't want to feel passive, weak and humiliated. Those are the same individuals who talk about invading or arranging coups in 'enemy' states without ever considering the possibility that maybe supporting scumbag dictators might have something to do with the resentment that fuels anti-American activity in places like Iran.Quote:There are people today that believe that the Iranian hostage crisis set the stage for 9/11. I'm not ready to go that far, but there is logic in this opinion. Did Iraq actually fear the US would come to the aid of Kuwait when they invaded? Of course not. We didn't even have the balls to defend our own citizens in the 1970's, so why should Iraq have been be afraid the US would come to the rescue with Kuwait? Fortunately, Carter was long out of office. Well if we're going to say that the Iran hostage situation might have cause 9/11 then it might also want to examine the cause of the Iran hostage situation. Remember the whole Shah mess?And as for Iraq fearing invasion of Kuwait, it is often said that he received an "OK" from the USA before the invasion. Ever read that meeting he supposedly had with April Glaspie? And indeed if you look at the John Kelly at the time, then you'd see that the US was not saying one way or the other that it would support Kuwait.And furthermore, Saddam, knew just how "principled" the US was in regards foreign policy. The US had not taken any action against him when he had used illegal weapons and tactics against Iran, or even when he used them on his own people. Hell, he'd gotten most of those weapons from the West anyway.Maybe, just maybe, the fact that the US had supported Saddam when he invaded Iran made the man think that he could get away with invading Kuwait. Quote:You can bash Bush, but the guy has character and principles and will do what it takes to defend not only our borders, but our way of life and longevity.Principles? Like what? Given that Al Queda's popularity and strength (almost the same thing really) have increased under his watch (and largely due to his actions) how do you think that anything he has done has made you any safer? And given that he has taken away many of your rights, I'd hardly say that he has defended your way of life. Full of Porn*http://plainofpillars.blogspot.com
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