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Author:  TZMcCullum [ Sat May 02, 2015 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  New Book

My new book: How Long Will They Take From Us is out in all online book stores
Here are some of my poetry that did not make my book but are still amazing:
I would like to say my life was perfect but I downloaded a virus
Where I use to love now it is replaced by hate and lust
I miss the way it use to be now it's me and you where it use to be just us
I use to want to be your Prince Charming now all I want to do is fuss

System overload water is streaming relentlessly down my face
I wish I could say I am sad but that is not the case
My body is responding to the old me but old me is gone without a trace
So why do I cry when I see you because I am required to hate

You see me and you run toward me saying you made a mistake
You broke up me for tricks and mirrors and you tell me he was fake
Come back to us I know you are still there I can see it in your face
I've seen you hurt many others because of me please tell me it's not too late

System reboot virus connected tell her you have moved on
I open my mouth to do as told but the words are gone
I'm tired my mind tells me you are not a robot you are not meant to be alone
All of those people you treated the way you were it's time to come home

I walk away tears falling down my face I don't want to feel that again
God is this your punishment to bring her back to me for all of my sins
She is in the background yelling at least can you forgive me then
Move on find true love let me live with my mistakes let your life begin

System failure run far away there is a virus malfunction
He is feeling he is actually becoming human again
God what have I done to all of those women
I stop running if she can do it, I too can make amends
Virus exterminated

How Long Has It Been
Hey there who knew that while praying I would see you again
A lot has happened you see all of your boys have grown into men
All of your little girls went through but they turned into good women
I can't believe this is happening how long has it been

You prayed for me while I was out here in these streets fighting
Now I'm praying for myself now the blessings have begun striking
They say success is a slow process but things are going by like lightning
I graduated but even I had my doubts but our prayers must've been to God's liking

Now you are speaking to me telling me how you see me sinning
I am going to do better but those words coming from you are so fitting
You always expected the best out of me despite my misgivings
Yeah I know you are still proud of me and to my elders I am still listening

I can still see you as you watch us play outside getting into trouble
Wishing I had this opportunity just one more time to say I love you
It was hard when you left this world, we had to pick ourselves from the rubble
We came out strong, but I wish we were closer instead of in our own bubble

Hey where are you going I won't stop writing so this convo will never end
You see a lot has happened I write poetry we have been blessed I don't know where to begin
Don't say goodbye to me now after so long when will I see you again
Thank you for being in my life, I won't be sad and I can't wait to hear again
I've been doing fairly well I'm blessed How Long Has It Been

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