173 Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates
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Author:  DWill [ Thu Aug 29, 2019 5:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 173 Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates

KindaSkolarly wrote:
My favorite recent incident from the campaign. Fascist New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio phoned his speech in. I mean, what could go wrong? Hilarious. Short video:

De Blasio’s Campaign Implosion Continues As His Iowa Audio Goes Terribly Wrong

Heavy on schadenfreude, aren't you?
It looks like a couple of people may challenge Trump for the Republican nomination, and that's good. In a two-party system ANY expanded choice of candidates is good.

Indeed it is good, better if Kasich also decides to get in. One of the problems with the Democrats in 2016 was the extent to which the party weighted the scales for Clinton, with the result that there weren't as many challenging her from the center as there should have been, and the main (leftist) challenger was discriminated against. Now of course we have the Republicans all but rebranding themselves as the party of Trump. But maybe, just maybe, the rank and file will defy the elites once it gets a taste of what sane party leadership could once again be. Am I dreaming?

Author:  LanDroid [ Thu Aug 29, 2019 5:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 173 Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates

Unfortunately I suspect DWill is dreaming. The only thing that will move the GOP away from Trump now is another electoral defeat, one so bad they say, "Whew! Aaall riiiighty then, let's NEVER do THAT again!"

In a way, I think America got lucky with Trump. His self-worship, pathological lying, corruption, inability to learn, bullying, bluster & retreat negotiations, and adolescent maturity make it difficult to take him seriously. Yes he won, but several experts on fascism state Trump is a proto-Fascist, more of a kleptocrat, not the real deal, but possibly opening the door to The Beast. Look at the sycophancy that Trump has engineered with his base (80% of GOP) and it's not too difficult to imagine what a sophisticated, charismatic, more violent yet sane Fascist could accomplish. Somewhere in America's future The Beast lurks. I used to think that, but if Trump wins a 2nd term, he could morph into a crude version of The Beast. America must send a message in 2020. "Let's NEVER do THAT again!"


Author:  KindaSkolarly [ Thu Sep 05, 2019 10:24 pm ]
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Biden’s eye fills with BLOOD as he defends fossil fuel ties at climate forum ... te-change/



The Craziest Things Said at the CNN Climate Town Hall ... town-hall/

The carbon tax has been around forever. Huckster Al Gore and his banking cronies want to tax you for emitting carbon dioxide--for breathing. Decades ago they said it was necessary because of global cooling, then global warming, then climate change, and now it's "climate crisis."

In Search Of... The Coming Ice Age (1978)

The Democratic party also says that white people are racist, even though white people elected Barack Obama president. Twice.

Their lies have grown so outrageous that their candidates' eyes explode.

Author:  Harry Marks [ Sun Sep 08, 2019 7:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 173 Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates

KindaSkolarly wrote:

The carbon tax has been around forever. Huckster Al Gore and his banking cronies want to tax you for emitting carbon dioxide--for breathing.

No, no tax for breathing has been proposed by anyone for any reason. A carbon tax would probably be set to be revenue neutral by refunding the income in the form of relief on other taxes. The idea is not to bring in revenue but to give the Mighty Market incentive to find better methods of heating, cooling and moving us around. All those new economy jobs would do wonders for working people, and maybe even bring back some of the manufacturing lost during the administration of Dear Leader.

KindaSkolarly wrote:
Decades ago they said it was necessary because of global cooling, then global warming, then climate change, and now it's "climate crisis."
Nobody with any attention span takes this seriously. The Greenhouse Effect, and the attendant rising temperatures, melting at the poles, ocean acidification, and fingerprint effects that are not plausibly caused by anything else, are not speculation by "they" but verifiable scientific fact. This is not something a few scientists thought maybe we should look into, this is a forecasted, carefully studied, verified over-and-over fact of modern life. The insurance companies have no doubt, the Armed Forces have no doubt, even the study commissioned by the Koch Brothers showed it was true.

KindaSkolarly wrote:
The Democratic party also says that white people are racist, even though white people elected Barack Obama president. Twice.
News flash! African-Americans are also, by and large, subject to the system which assigns higher status to white people. On the other hand, it is obvious to them that we should resist this psychological miasma, as it is to many (but perhaps not most) white people. Enough were anti-racist (not mutually exclusive with being influenced by racism) to elect Barack Obama, and that is a triumph of civilization over tribalism.

Dear Leader seems to believe that his appeals to xenophobic racism will help him be re-elected. His political advisors have already caught on that his low approval ratings, as low as any president ever has had with a strong economy like this, I am guessing, signal that his approval is down to bedrock base, and his only hope is that the trade war with China still looks promising in a year, because the steel tariffs alone are not going to bring back the Obama-Trump voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania on the basis of hopes for a wall. More likely, from his really foolish way of pursuing it, we will be an a recession by then. If unemployment hits 8 percent he will be impeached and convicted. If not, they had better hope it stays under 5 percent because otherwise he and his party will join Sam Brownback on the scrapheap of history.

Author:  KindaSkolarly [ Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 173 Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates

That's a well-washed brain you have there, Mr. Marks, but I note some backup. Here's a fine piece of cEnema to help blow the crap out of your thinking.


After the unmitigated disaster of the Climate Change Town Hall forum for the Democratic candidates, CNN has decided to double down on its failure by focusing on LGB issues during the next Town Hall. All of the leading loons will get to trot out their perverse views on sex for the voters, and CNN will set new records for low viewership. Maybe Biden's whole head will explode next time, instead of just his eyeball.

Author:  LevV [ Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 173 Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates

Leftism or Liberalism (I couldn't transfer the image for this)

Once again KS comes up with an interesting topic worth examining, but doesn't shed much light on the subject with that shallow video clip he includes.

There are dozens of great articles and videos available to inform oneself of the historical and current differences between the two. The very succinct five minute read below covers these terms as used in England and the USA from the mid 1800's to Biden and Sanders in 2019. ... now-120273

I expect that these terms will be explored over at the non-fiction site where Colin Woodard's "American Character" is now being discussed.

Author:  KindaSkolarly [ Mon Sep 09, 2019 7:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 173 Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates

That video is profound beyond measure. It warrants a repeat:

Here's a text workup of the material:

Leftism Is Not Liberalism. Here Are the Differences. ... fferences/

Liberals in America have been duped into supporting fascistic tyranny. And they're so far gone that they don't even realize their call for "diversity" is a call for segregation. They support dividing people into groups, while they claim it's Trump who divides. It's truly painful to see America's leftists suffering under the weight of such mental illness.

At any rate, the Democrats are trying to freeze my favorite candidate out of the presidential race.


Marianne Williamson is a nutcase, but in one of the debates she DID say that she would defeat Trump with love. I'm sorry we won't be hearing more about her plan of attack.

Marianne Williamson's Closing Remarks (Love Will Win)

Compared to What?

Author:  Harry Marks [ Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 173 Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates

Any movement worthy of the name has a broad range of opinions within it. Many on the left, just like many on the right, are violent, intolerant, and fascistic. But honestly, the notion that promoters of diversity are segregationists stretches that point to one only a Goebbels would proclaim, seeking to convince people that Up is Down by proclaiming it with full-throated vehemence. Real segregationists did their dirty work by denying voting rights, pulling people off of trains for heading north out of their veiled involuntary servitude, and denying education every chance they had. Real segregationists made laws denying people the right to marry each other. People who want to bring rationality to unconscious racism are not segregationists except in some fevered science fiction scenario.

Author:  DWill [ Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 173 Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates

It's a decent presentation Prager gives. I think I said that the first time you posted it. Of course, it's not true that Americans have never approved of socialism. Roosevelt beat Hoover in a landslide in 1932, running on his very socialistic New Deal. Much of the New Deal legislation and regulation remain in effect today. Even conservatives like Reagan dared only to launch rhetorical barbs at such socialism, while presiding over continued growth in big government. Americans overwhelmingly support socialized Medicare and the entirely socialistic VA medical system. For that matter, tax support of public schools and universities is socialism for the public good that goes way back.

But Prager makes a good case that liberals haven't backed a lot of the thinking we see now on the left. Therefore, "liberal but not left" can be seen as a valid distinction one could claim. Prager doesn't say what you do, though, that liberals have all become leftists. You've been using the terms interchangeably.

The segregation claim is over the top, as Harry M. just said.

Author:  KindaSkolarly [ Tue Sep 10, 2019 9:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 173 Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates

Socialism is a cancer. It spends more than it takes in, so it has to support itself through theft. That can only go on for so long. The Scandinavian countries are always held up as shining examples of socialism, but Finland's socialist government just collapsed. Too much red ink. Universal healthcare was the straw that broke the back:

Finland Government Collapses & Why the Media is Silent
"...Obamacare was all about cheating the youth and forcing them to pay for healthcare they did not need to reduce costs for those who did need it. This is the hallmark of socialism – how to live off of other people’s money." ... is-silent/

When Leftists aren't busy stealing from the treasury, they're preaching divisionism (diversity). Their programs segregate one group from another. This prevents people from keeping an eye on the theft. Third wave radical feminism separates men from women. Insane leftist gender identity programs now separate people according to IMAGINED genitals. And then there's the frayed old race card. Obama's the most vociferous racist in modern American history. He tried to incite race riots throughout his presidency, but fortunately people saw through his shuck and jive. Whereas Trump, a true liberal when it comes to social issues, is labeled a racist by leftists.

One of the Trump Hoaxes claimed that he endorsed White Nationalists when commenting on an incident at Charlottesville, Virginia. He didn't. In that press conference he said that Neo-Nazis and white nationalists should be "condemned totally." But the leftist press told us he had called those groups "fine people." The lie was instantly debunked, but as with the Russiagate hoax, the corporate media continued to push the false narrative. And even after the hoax was dead, decayed and gone, Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign by trying to summon its spirit. Once again to Prager University:

The Charlottesville Lie

Former VP Joe Biden launches 2020 presidential bid

America's fundamental problem is that we have only one party, and it is desperately trying to get rid of outsider Trump. Republicans and Democrats are united at the core level; most differences are only surface features. At the core is communism. Leadership of the Republican party was taken over some time ago by neoconservative communists:

Neo-conned (Speech delivered on the floor of the US House by Ron Paul)
"More recently, the modern-day neocons have come from the far left, a group historically identified as former Trotskyists. Liberal Christopher Hitchins has recently officially joined the neocons, and it has been reported that he has already been to the White House as an ad hoc consultant. Many neocons now in positions of influence in Washington can trace their status back to Professor Leo Strauss of the University of Chicago. One of Strauss' books was Thoughts on Machiavelli. This book was not a condemnation of Machiavelli's philosophy. Paul Wolfowitz actually got his PhD under Strauss. Others closely associated with these views are Richard Perle, Eliot Abrams, Robert Kagan and William Kristol. All are key players in designing our new strategy of preemptive war. Others include: Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute; former CIA Director James Woolsy; Bill Bennett of Book of Virtues fame; Frank Gaffney; Dick Cheney; and Donald Rumsfeld. There are just too many to mention who are philosophically or politically connected to the neocon philosophy in some varying degree." ... eo-conned/

So, Trotskyite communists took over the Republican party at the national level years ago, and now the Democratic party is shedding it's old "middle-left" skin and transmogrifying into a full-grown Marxist viper.

Joseph McCarthy was right about communists infiltrating the US government. He could have handled himself better in relaying this information, but he was right. He was SO right that the communist propaganda arm in America (Hollywood) is preparing to release a spate of new film projects about Roy Cohn, McCarthy's disreputable henchman. Clueless Democrats will get a good dose of hate linking Cohn to Trump leading up to the election. Character assassination is central to how the Leftists in America do business now. Witness what they do to Trump daily. Witness what they did to "misogynist" Bret Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court nomination process. Kavanaugh has surrounded himself with female clerks, by the way. He's the only judge on the Supreme Court whose entire clerking staff is female, advancing so many bright young women in the law profession. But there's no mention of that from the communist mainstream media. God I hate Leftists. Trump's next nominee to the court will most likely be Amy Coney Barrett, a mother of seven. I hope we see that soon. Maybe the spectacle of Leftists frothing at the confirmation will register somehow in the brains of dull-witted Democrats. "Duh, they hated the other guy 'cause he hated women, so why do they hate this woman?"

The Praeger video on Leftism vs Liberalism... According to the definitions he sets out and PROVES are accurate, Trump is more "liberal" than any of the Democrats he's running against. That crew is all "leftist," not "liberal." Trump's liberalism is akin to Charlton Heston's. Heston marched with the Freedom Marchers in the 60s, in the south. He marched for equal rights. He was a liberal. Then decades later he was a libertarian and president of the NRA. He was still for liberty (liberal and libertarian have the same root). Trump used to be a Democrat, now he works for the cause of liberty by protecting the USA, the country that Abraham Lincoln called the "last best hope of earth."

God I hate Leftists. Trump supporters KNOW all of the above and took steps to stop Clinton from delivering the coup de grace to America, and it's as if you knuckleheads learned NOTHING from that close call. Your Leftist candidates want to eliminate the borders of your country. They want a country of "residents" instead of "citizens." You will still have to pay taxes under a Democratic regime (higher taxes, naturally), and in exchange, your towns and homes will be overrun by non-taxpaying non-citizens who have the same rights as you. Democratic judges all over the country are declaring that it's okay to shoot heroin in the streets, and crap in the streets, and someday when you vote yourselves onto the streets you'll have to pray you don't contract plague and leprosy that are the result of the Leftist policies you so mindlessly supported. I mean, what the hell is WRONG with you people? I can understand you being misinformed, or under-informed, but when did you become suicidal? Seriously, I guess that's my major question for you leftists--exactly when did you become suicidal? If you can recall the moment when your political thinking became suicidal, then perhaps you can put your finger on the incident that triggered the change. Was it the Charlottesville Hoax? The Russiagate Hoax? Your trusted leftist news sources won't help you cure yourself, so it's up to you. That's your homework assignment--try to figure out why you want to kill America.

End of lecture.

Author:  KevinMcCabe [ Thu Sep 12, 2019 3:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 173 Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates

I largely agree with your approach. You are correct to name family as the primary reason why a listen-first approach would be most effective with African-American elders.

Author:  DWill [ Thu Sep 12, 2019 5:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 173 Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates

KevinMcCabe wrote:
I largely agree with your approach. You are correct to name family as the primary reason why a listen-first approach would be most effective with African-American elders.

Did you read the same post that I did? I can't see how, from this KS stew of hysterical rant, you pulled out this point of agreement.

Author:  KindaSkolarly [ Fri Sep 13, 2019 9:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 173 Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates

Yes, I too find the post to be curious.

My favorite moments from last night's Democratic debate in Houston:

Biden nearly loses his dentures


Kamala Harris is either drunk or stoned onstage

Julian Castro lies, tries to make Biden's memory an issue

Castro and his twin brother have been a blight on San Antonio politics for a while. Such lowlifes.

Candidate Marianne Williamson wasn't included in this debate. The Democratic National Committee froze her out. She's flaky but no moreso than the people that were on the stage last night.

Marianne Williamson: ‘I Didn’t Think the Left Lied like This’
“I know this sounds naive. I didn’t think the left was so mean. I didn’t think the left lied like this,” Williamson told the New Yorker’s David Remnick in an interview. “I thought the right did that. I thought we were better.” ... like-this/

Author:  DWill [ Sat Sep 14, 2019 7:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 173 Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates

I shouldn't have used the word "hysterical" about your post. "Rant," I think you might agree, is appropriate. But what I'm curious about is whether, over the whole 3 exhausting, hours of the debate, you felt something other than contempt and derision for these ten people who were up there participating in our American ritual of presidential contention. Or does the template you bring to such an event rule out the possibility of even grudging admiration or empathy? I would ask whether the anti-liberal template rules out objectivity as well. I'm assuming, of course, that you watched the debate and didn't just cull reactions from your sources. Were you there to see the final statements, in which each candidate was asked to tell about a setback in life and how he or she responded to it? Each of the candidates, except O'Rourke in my view, used that moment to connect with the viewers in a highly personal and effective way. You didn't ever think to yourself, as I did during the 2016 Republican debates, "There are some damn fine people up there, regardless of whether I would vote for any of them?"

The word "polarized" is used a lot these days to describe how the sides have shut out each other. The word doesn't adequately convey the pity of what has happened, when opponents have become hated enemies with less humanity than those of the chosen tribe.

Author:  KevinMcCabe [ Sat Sep 14, 2019 2:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 173 Declared Democratic Presidential Candidates

KindaSkolarly wrote:

What can you say? There are hundreds of pics of Creepy Joe on the internet, invading women's space, sniffing hair, groping, kissing. The ones with the kids are especially disturbing. Obama sure knows how to pick 'em. Alex Jones was reporting on Biden's pervy activities a decade ago.

Biden's son Hunter landed a billion-dollar deal with the ChiComs when his dad was VP. Flew with him to China on Air Force Two and then left with a deal the likes of which the Rockefellers could never achieve. The Biden family may be as corrupt as the Clintons, though neither comes close to the Bushes. All of them are ChiCom lovers.

Biden's son inked deal with Chinese government days after vice president’s trip ... th-chinese

And Beto is in the news. The guy's fourth-generation Irish, but his father gave him an Hispanic nickname so that he could use it later in life to appeal to Hispanic voters. And now the press is claiming that his native language is Spanish. this is the same press that awarded itself Pulitzer Prizes for claiming Donald Trump was a Russian mole:

Associated Press Says Beto Spoke in 'His Native Spanish' ... ve-spanish

And let's not forget Beto's foray into poetry: ... rub-balls/

Oprah has already banked on Beto. She used her powerful Harpo Production Company to help get Obama elected, so at this early stage it looks as if Beto may be the chosen one.

Creepy Joe!

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