Tips for Dealing with Cops and Arrest
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Author:  DB Roy [ Sat Sep 24, 2016 2:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Tips for Dealing with Cops and Arrest

Over the years, I have interacted with the police in good and bad ways. Most of us have--some worse than others. I also have friends who have had experiences with the cops and the legal system. With all the stuff in the news about the how bad consequences are when ordinary citizens run afoul the police, here are some tips on how to avoid becoming a statistic.

First, how do you get busted? In a nutshell, you stand out in some way. Don't stand out. The best way to do this is to avoid the cops altogether. If you're not there, they can't bust you. But this is not particularly helpful advice because you can't always avoid them and, at times, you will have to deal with them. So how can you minimize bad things from happening?

Understand first and foremost that interacting with cops is an infantilizing experience. In other words, society is full of this type of role-playing where one party plays the child and the other plays the adult. In this case, you are the child and the policeman is the adult. You're the untrustworthy little brat trying to get away with something and he is the strict disciplinarian parental figure. It may be degrading but that's how it is. Accept it and use it to your advantage. Understand also that cops have a job to do and they appreciate it when you make their job easier by cooperating. When you don't cooperate, mean ol' daddy gonna take off his belt and whack yo fanny. So play the game, you have no choice.

First off, be polite, be respectful, conduct yourself with some dignity. Don’t kiss ass as that just makes them feel contempt for you. Keep in mind that cops are trained to be observant because their lives depend on it and many of them are extremely observant as a result. What this means is don't try to bullshit your way out of anything because he'll probably trip you up. Cops are trained to recognize certain behaviors a person subconsciously employs while lying out his ass. So don't lie. Once you're caught in a lie, you're fucked. Plain and simple, you're fucked. This game has rules and the rulebook says that once a cop catches you in a lie, you forfeit your right to be treated with kid gloves. Those gloves come off in a hurry. Case in point, back in the 80s while I was stationed in Norfolk, VA, I went to a punk show as I did virtually every weekend. At one point, some Nazi skins crashed it and started trouble and a brawl broke out. To my delight, the punks banded together and threw the assholes out. One called the cops. When the cops got there, the skins were in their cars yelling shit and flipping the bird. A female cop went over to one skin who was the worst offender and asked his name. He said something. She demanded ID and he finally had to hand it over. She took one look at his ID and grabbed him by the ear and pulled him out of the car—by his ear—and he was yelling in pain! "When I ask for your name," she said, pointing into his face, "you better give me your real name—you got that??" she yelled. They took him away in a squad car. That's what I mean. Don't bullshit the cops and think you'll get away with it. You might but then you might not and it won’t go well for in the latter case. So consider yourself warned: If you are caught bullshitting—look out. This cop became a mean mommy pissed at sonny-boy for fibbing. Remember, it's the game you have to play and this one has pretty serious consequences.

When a cop is questioning you, look him in the eye but not defiantly. Refusal to meet his eyes tells him you're hiding something and you don't want that. Don't smirk, of course, that will really piss him off and you definitely don't want that. Don't smile. To him, you're either smiling wide enough to hide something or you are not taking him seriously and he will be sure to wipe that smile off your face before you part company. Look him in the eye and keep a straight face and answer him truthfully and you should get along just fine. Even if it's dark out and he's holding a flashlight in your face, turn your face towards him when you say something so you look like you want to look him in the eye if that damn flashlight beam wasn't in your face. He understands. Keeping your eyes straight ahead or staring at the floor of your car or at the ground when answering is not a good way to win his confidence.

He is in the parental position and so you have to let him have psychological dominance over you. Refusing to degrade yourself this way can result in your being arrested so, again, play the game. As an example, I was pulled over earlier this year coming back from a 24-hour diner. It was 11 pm and I was driving through a neighborhood adjacent to mine. Someone got behind me uncomfortably close so I sped up a bit. Suddenly, the lights went on. It was a cop. As he got to my window, he asked something no cop has ever asked me on a traffic stop: "Am I going to find any drugs or alcohol in your car, sir?" No, I said. I was only coming back from a late dinner and hadn't been drinking or doing drugs. He asked why I wasn't coming to full stops or using my turn signals. "Well... you know..." I said. I mean, it's 11 p.m. in a neighborhood with no cars on the street other than my own. He understood that and didn't press me to answer him explicitly. He asked for ID and registration. As I was digging the registration from my glove box he asked what the IV bag was for. I had an IV bag on the floor in the back. I explained it was for my poor kitty who passed away in November who had renal failure and couldn't process water anymore but that the IV only helped minimally and I had to put him to sleep after trying it for a few days and that I meant to return the IV bag to the vet so they could dispose of it properly but I kept forgetting. This was the complete truth—that's all it was. Now, I could have said, "None of your business!" But the rules of the game say I should put myself in the psychologically submissive position. It worked. He told me to forget the registration and went back to his cruiser with my license, came back about 30 seconds later, handed it back to me and said. "Okay, sir, let's use our turn signals and come to full stops at stop signs, okay?" "You got it," I said and he bade me a good night and drove off. If I refused to let him psychologically dominate me, then I am the child who talks back to his parent and, as a result, I am going to get my mouth smacked. So be a good child.

I once watched a black woman get illegally arrested for refusing to show a cop ID when he requested it. She was right. She did not have to show him ID so why did she get arrested? Because when he asked for ID she said, " I don't have to show you any ID." Bam! Bad career move. Probably few white people could get away with that so you KNOW that no black person will. She wouldn't allow him to psychologically dominate her so she got arrested. So should she have showed him ID? That would have helped probably. But all she had to say was, "Do I have to show you my ID?" He has to tell her yes or no. If he says no, THEN she can refuse. He may not like that but it was so by-the-book that it leaves him in the position of looking really bad now if he arrests her. Really, he can't arrest her because he just told her she didn't have to. If he arrests her anyway and it's being recorded, he may just lose his job or receive an official reprimand.

But what do you do when you run into an asshole cop? The best you can. First of all, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!!!! There comes a time when playing the game right won't help you because the cop is a complete dick. He can disregard the rules but you can't. At that point, you have to go into defense mode and hope for the best. The best way to defend yourself when this jerk-off is overstepping his bounds is to know that he is overstepping them and informing him of that fact. He may just say, "SHUT UP!!" but you have to at least try. When you suspect this cop is just trying to meet his quotas for arrests or tickets (and don't let cops bullshit you—they have such quotas), show him you know your rights.

A cop who wants to search your car might request you get out of your car by making it sound like an order: "Sir, you want to step out of your car, please?" Sounds like an order but he's really asking you. In some states, if you get out, you've just waived your right to unreasonable search and seizure and he is going to rifle through your car. The thing is, NEVER give a cop permission to search your car!!! If he's out to arrest someone—anyone—then rest assured that if he searches your car, he'll find something. "This your crack pipe, sir?" Of course, it isn't yours but now he can arrest you and when you go before a judge, who is His Honor going to believe—you or the cop who claims he found a crack pipe in your car? NEVER let a cop search your vehicle if you can avoid it. Never give him permission—never! If he does it anyway then at least it was done without your permission and it may get tossed in court. But once you give permission, anything he finds or claims he found you are going to eat it.

So, again, if a cop asks you to step out, ask him, "Are your asking me or ordering me?" He has to tell you. If he's ordering you out, you have to get out. But he can't order you out without probable cause. Short of probable cause he has to ask and you can then refuse and he can't do shit about it (although I did see a cop become so enraged when a driver said no that he swore at him and deliberately drove off with the man's license but imagine what might have happened if he had let the cop search his car). In another case, I saw the cops pull over a woman whom they suspected was running cocaine. They had no warrant or probable cause but she sat in her car and refused to get out and refused to let them search her car. They kept her there for 15 minutes and when it became clear she knew how to play the game and wasn’t going to give in and there was nothing they could legally do, they had to cut her loose.

That’s another thing—don’t let a cop detain you needlessly. If he takes your license and registration back to his vehicle and then returns and stands there bullshitting with you, you should realizing he’s stalling, trying to keep you there. Don’t let that happen. Answer him as concisely as you can and hold your hand out for your license and registration. If he acts like he doesn’t see it, then ask, “May I go?” If he has a reason to keep you there, he will tell you but if he had such a reason he wouldn’t be bullshitting, he would have just told you. So, having no reason, he can’t detain you and must give you back your license and registration. Make sure he answers your question—don’t just start your car and leave unless you want to be charged with fleeing. Make sure he says you can leave and then LEAVE!

Cops are trained to find you suspicious if you stick around to chat, argue or try to get buddy-buddy. You are hiding something. So when a cop says you can go then GO. Start your car and get out of there. Some years ago, my younger brother was driving down a road when a teenaged kid pulled him next to him revving his engine wanting to race. Maybe he saw my brother’s long hair and assumed he was that type of guy. He was wrong. My brother ignored him and kept driving the speed limit. Suddenly, these cops pull up and pull them both over. An older, fat cop told my brother he was getting a ticket for racing. My brother protested that he was doing the speed limit and other guy was trying to get him to race. The cop told him to can it, he was getting a ticket. My brother wisely shut up and shrugged. If the cop is going to ticket you then he’s going to ticket you. Arguing will only get you another ticket on top of it or even get you arrested if you have long hair. Then a younger, thinner cop came up to the older, fat one and they engaged in a spirited conversation that my brother couldn’t hear. Then the younger cop approached my brother and said, “You can leave, sir.” Without further word, my brother started his car and left. That’s the way you do it and any cop will agree.

If you are arrested, it is vitally important that you know your rights. Remember especially the very first one they read to you: You have the right to remain silent. I suggest you use that one. I don’t know how many times I watch something on the ID Channel that shows a suspect talking to the cops trying to get out of a situation. The best way to do that is to SHUT UP!!! Don’t tell them anything! Remember: Anything you say can AND WILL be used against you in a court of law! No matter how good of a deal you think you can cut for yourself, a lawyer would have cut you a better one. Lawyering up can be seen as a sign of guilt but so what? If you give up something during interrogation without a lawyer present that can fuck you, they WILL fuck you with it. Always let a lawyer do your talking. Even short of having a lawyer, just don’t answer their questions. Invoke your right to remain silent and then remain silent. If they have evidence on you then you’re going down, if they don’t then there is nothing they can do about it. Cops LOVE to let you talk and talk and talk. Don’t hand them something to hang you with—keep your trap shut!

Now I’m talking about arrest situations. You’re already a suspect. If the cops knock on your door investigating a rape and murder in the neighborhood the night before and want to know if you saw anything peculiar going on, you’ll want to cooperate with them. Telling them you have nothing to say moves you onto their suspect list. Again, do NOT stand out because the cops will naturally focus on you if you do.

What about situations where you are caught red-handed—say you bought drugs in a sting operation or you arranged to meet a minor for sex? In the case of the latter, again, invoke your right to remain silent and call a lawyer and hope for the best. That’s a stupid situation to get your self into and I’m not particularly sympathetic. In the case of the former, the cops may try to get you to flip on your dealer. I’ve seen a number of these on TV and it seems the cops are reading from a script:

Cop: [Your name], listen! I know you’re scared right now. If I were in your position, I’d be scared too. But listen, [your name], you have to do the right thing here or you’re going away for a long time, pal. Set up a deal with your supplier and we’ll put in a good word with the judge that you helped us out and he’ll take it easy on you. But if you refuse to help us then don’t expect us to help you.”

So the rube flips and sets up a deal with his supplier knowing the guy is going to get busted and when he hangs up, he starts crying like the pitiful wreck he is. Cops love to bust you and put you in this situation. It’s great fun for them. They have hard-ons thinking about how the papers are going to write up how they busted a big drug ring when it was just a bunch of recreational pot smokers and acid-droppers that never did anything to anybody. Most of them are friends and not an actual true drug supply network like you see on TV. It’s truly pathetic watching the cops going after such people but they won’t hesitate if it puts a feather in their cap.

So what should you do if you end up in this situation? Do not flip on your supplier! Do not do anything the police want you to do! Lawyer up immediately! Don’t listen to this bullshit that they won’t help you because you didn’t help them. Your lawyer may be able to get the charges reduced or even dismissed which is WAY better than any deal the cops were offering. I can’t imagine anything worse than being in jail for 18 months while my cred is ruined because I setup my supplier and I could gotten 30 days and been out if I had let a lawyer do the talking. And don’t count on them to help you out in your case as they promised. They don’t have to do shit. Help yourself instead—lawyer up! The cops can’t offer you any kind of a deal, only the public prosecutor can do that. The public prosecutor is a lawyer so you had better have a lawyer on your side to negotiate with him or you’re going to get taken down the primrose path.

The thing is that once you are arrested, you want to avoid any and all jail time. Probation or community service is infinitely better than imprisonment. In lieu of jail after you are arrested, you can instead be served with a notice to appear before a judge instead of taking you downtown to be processed. Of course, it depends on the offense of which you were arrested and whether you have a record but you can ask the arresting officer for a notice to appear instead of sticking you in jail while you await sentencing. That’s another reason not to act like a twat to the cops because if he doesn’t like you, forget it. A notice to appear is the equivalent of an arrest and carries all the same penalties if you are convicted. You could still end up in jail but a notice to appear gives you time to mount a defense which you can’t do if they stick you in jail to await sentencing. Remember that you’re playing the role of the child so if the cop refuses to issue you a notice to appear, cry. Turn on the faucets and make it good. Tell him about your job and your family and how you’ve never been in trouble and that you’re not a flight risk. If that fails, soil yourself and maybe he won’t want to take you downtown in his car—seriously. Even if you’re taken downtown, you can still be issued a notice to appear but it’s much better not to be taken downtown.

If you do get stuck in jail, do your time and be a model prisoner. Don’t offer a cop a bribe. You might think, “Well, duhh!” But you’ll be surprised what you might do when you’re desperate. I know someone who was given a 30-day sentence in a jail cell at the police station. The cop in charge was actually going to let him out after one day—until he offered the cop a bribe to let him out. He ended up doing the full 30 days.

So, in summation, remember:
· Be polite, respectful and dignified.
· Don’t lie.
· Allow yourself to be psychologically dominated with the understanding that you intend to use it to your advantage (some people are so prone to it that they write out confessions even though they are innocent).
· Always put the ball in the cop’s court by asking him if you have to do what he just asked of you because he has to tell you. Then base your next course of action on the response he gives you.
· Never let a cop search your car (in case you’re wondering, I got this piece of advice from an ex-cop).
· Always remember that a judge will never believe you over a cop so even if he lies through his teeth, the judge will believe him (happened to a friend of mine).
· Exercise your right to be silent. You don’t have to invoke a lawyer. You can simply refuse to answer questions. If there’s no evidence, they can’t hold you.
· Lawyer up if charges are serious enough and if you might really be guilty. Never agree to anything the cops offer you unless it goes through your lawyer. Remember that cops can lie to you legally and can promise you anything or tell you anything (your buddy is pinning the whole thing on you or we found your DNA all over the crime scene or you failed the polygraph). You can’t lie to them unless you want to be hit with making a false statement.
· Never flip on your friends, clients or suppliers no matter what the cops threaten you with or you will be stuck in a never-ending nightmare. Lawyer up and shut up.
· Your main interest after being arrested is to avoid jail as much as possible. Always ask for a notice to appear if lieu of arrest. If you have to cry and cajole for one. As a last resort, soil yourself and let him know what you did.

Author:  DB Roy [ Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tips for Dealing with Cops and Arrest ... lookalike5

Here, this law professor says not only to not talk to cops at all but the only thing to say to them is to "I want a lawyer" instead invoking your fifth amendment right not to incriminate yourself because of a 2013 SCOTUS ruling that says that if you invoke the 5th during interrogation, this can be disclosed to jurors at trial to make you look guilty. But I differ with him as far as asking for a lawyer because that too can be used to make you look guilty. But it's likely better than invoking the 5th because of SCOTUS. You can simply say, "I am exercising my right to remain silent." Juries understand that because people hear arrest rights so often on TV shows. If a cop says, "Are you taking the 5th?" You just repeat, "I am exercising my right to remain silent."

But whatever you choose, DON'T talk to the cops. DON'T listen to the cops because they are professional bullshitters. DON'T let the cops panic you because that is exactly what they want. DON'T do anything they tell you to do as far as wearing a wire or setting up a deal to take someone down to save your own skin or anything like that. Letting the cops intimidate you into doing stuff is precisely what will put your skin at risk in the first place.

Any cop would tell you this same stuff if they were going to honest with you for a moment--but they're not.

Author:  DB Roy [ Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tips for Dealing with Cops and Arrest

I posted this in a couple of other forums and got some responses so I'll bring up these issues here too.

It doesn't matter if you are innocent and telling the truth 100%. DO NOT TALK TO THE COPS!!! Why? Okay, say Landroid and Harry Marks are neighbors and they get into an argument one day. Later that day, Harry shoots over to his mother's house for dinner and Landroid goes out to see a movie. When Landroid comes home, someone had vandalized his house, broke in an ransacked everything, even bashed out some walls and made a huge mess that will take a lot of time, money and insurance to fix. Landroid calls the cops and says that Harry did it and saying he and Harry had argued earlier that day.

The cops come to see Harry and asks him if he had an argument with Landroid. Yes, says, Harry and casually says, "Never liked that guy." Harry is totally innocent. The cop tells Harry about the vandalism and Harry denies he did anything. The cop asks Harry where he was when the crime occurred. Harry says at his mother's having dinner and he came home at 10 pm and went to sleep. Harry's mother confirms it. If that's all there is to it, nothing further will happen. Just Landroid's word against Harry's. But say the cop did a little checking with other neighbors and one of them, Chris, says he saw Harry in front of his house about 15 minutes before the crime occurred. AHA! Harry admits he didn't like Landroid, Harry lied about his whereabouts--motive and opportunity!

Harry is arrested for the vandalism. At this trial, the cop--dressed smartly in his uniform or wearing a nice suit if he's a detective--goes on the stand and says Harry himself told him about the argument and admitted he didn't like Landroid but claimed he went to his mother's and wasn't around when the crime occurred. Then Chris is put on the stand and says he definitely saw Harry standing in front of his house just shortly before the crime occurred even though he's totally mistaken. Chris seems a good, sober, reliable witness--never been in trouble and well-liked in the neighborhood.

The jury looks at Harry and it's like baseball, he has three strikes to get a hit. He's sitting in a court next to a defense lawyer. He must have done something to end up there. STRIKE ONE! He himself admitted that he didn't like Landroid so he had motive. Who else would have done it? STRIKE TWO! He's trying to gainsay a good cop and an upstanding neighbor. Two against one AND he appeared to have lied about his whereabouts. STRIKE THREE! Harry is convicted with a felony and off to jail he goes. Plus he has to pay restitution to Landroid.

Sound far-fetched? It's not! A great many people have been found guilty under precisely those types of circumstances. What did Harry do wrong? He talked to the cops. The cop only needs to find motive and opportunity. Harry admitted he didn't like the victim--that's motive. Chris saw him at the general vicinity of the crime at the time it happened--that's opportunity. By talking to the cops, the cop was able to put Harry into the 2-against-1 scenario with the added bonus of looking like he was lying about his whereabouts. Juries very frequently convict for that. By not talking to the cops, the cop can't corroborate Landroid's story, he doesn't have Harry's statement that he disliked Landroid and Harry never has to deny against two accusers of good-standing simply because he kept his mouth shut. The cop can't quite paint him guilty. He might have still arrested him but Harry's lawyer will make short work of the prosecution's case so the prosecutor may even decide not to proceed with charges. For example, Harry might have told his lawyer that he hated Landroid and the lawyer will say, "Do NOT say that out loud to anybody!! That's motive!" See? Lawyers keep you from fucking yourself.

Or take another case as--a man is killed and a cop thinks Ant did it even though Ant is innocent. The cop tells Ant, "I would like to question you about that gangland-style murder that occurred last night. Where were you when it happened?" Ant says he was home and that he didn't own a gun and never even fired one in his life. Then the cop says, "Gun? I didn't say anything about a gun, sir? How did you know he was shot?" Ant just screwed himself. He heard gangland-style slaying and just assumed a gun but the cop tricked him. And yes, that will go into his report--suspect knew that victim was shot without being told. Think a jury will buy Ant's assertions that the cop tricked him? Probably not.

If you are 100% innocent, it is even more important NOT to talk to the cops. By talking, the cop has every opportunity to search your statements to find something to fuck you with. The more you talk, the more he can find. All you have to do is exaggerate a little or even misspeak and that's it. He will seize on that. Then if he can find a good witness or two to pit against you--it REALLY makes you look guilty. Doesn't matter if you are 100% truthful or 100% innocent.

Any cop will admit to what I just told you.

Author:  LanDroid [ Wed Sep 26, 2018 5:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tips for Dealing with Cops and Arrest

I've seen the video mentioned in an earlier link. I'm sure it's good advice, but probably hard to follow. When the cop asks Harry if he argued with me, it's unlikely the first thought that comes to mind is "I want a lawyer."

What does he say about witnesses? If you're a legit witness to something, don't talk? Or go through a lawyer with that info? That probably doesn't help...

Author:  DB Roy [ Wed Sep 26, 2018 9:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tips for Dealing with Cops and Arrest

LanDroid wrote:
I've seen the video mentioned in an earlier link. I'm sure it's good advice, but probably hard to follow. When the cop asks Harry if he argued with me, it's unlikely the first thought that comes to mind is "I want a lawyer."

No but that's not the point. He wants Harry to rattle off something like, "Can't stand that guy" or "I hate his guts," something he can use to establish motive. He's not necessarily just trying to screw Harry but he honestly thinks Harry is guilty. After all, as I mentioned, who else would have done it? When Chris says he saw Harry just before the crime occurred, the cop believes that. He thinks Harry is lying and that is how he is going to write it up. The best thing Harry can do is play it down not up. "We just had a little dust-up, that's all. No biggie. No hard feelings from me." Harry may not feel that way but it's what he should say so as to destroy the cop's hopes of establishing motive. If the cop wants Harry to come to the police dept for an "interview," that is the point that Harry should invoke his right to remain silent. He hasn't been arrested but you still have those rights whether you're arrested or not. They are part of your constitutional rights and you always have them. Just tell the cop that you have nothing more to say. You don't have to ask for a lawyer unless he arrests you. And if you are arrested, DEFINITELY DON'T TALK TO THE COPS!!! Lawyer up right away.

What does he say about witnesses? If you're a legit witness to something, don't talk? Or go through a lawyer with that info? That probably doesn't help...

As a witness, you have nothing to worry about. The cops don't want to screw you over because you're helping them make their case. But do not talk to the cops if you are not being questioned as a witness. I mean, if you witnessed an accident or something, it's not going to hurt to stick around and tell a cop what you saw. It's the right thing to do. But if a cop wants to talk to you about a crime or other type of illegal activity that occurred recently, don't talk to him. If he leaves a message on your phone to call him concerning this, call him back and say you have nothing to say. If he threatens to have you arrested, tell him that won't change your position, you still have nothing to say.

The whole thing hinges on getting you to talk to them without a lawyer. That's how cases are built. The longer the questioning goes on, the more he can cherry pick from your statements to build motive and opportunity against you. For example, one thing cops frequently do is ask the same question several times but word it differently each time. If you misunderstand and answer one of those questions differently--guess what? That's right--you just changed your story. Slam and dunk!

Cops use human nature against you to get you to talk. So if you show up for an "interview" (it's really an interrogation but they don't want to use that word), the cop will come into the room and tell you your Miranda rights. He'll tell you that you can stop the questioning at any time because legally you can. Then he'll tell you that before you say anything he's going to tell you what he knows. Then he deliberately paints a picture for you that makes you look guilty to get you all wrought up. Then he says, "Is there anything you want to tell me to set the record straight?" See it? He's using human nature against you. Now you WANT to talk because you want to clear your name! This guy has it all wrong! You're innocent. You're not guilty and you can prove it! Then the cop says, "Landroid, whatever you want to say, you can say it. I'm happy to listen to anything you want to tell me. We'll stay here as long as you want to talk because I want you to have your chance to tell your side of the story." Sounds so generous, doesn't it? That's encouraging you to get diarrhea of the mouth and blab and blab and blab and blab. You're handing him statements that he will use against you. Remember your Miranda warning: "Anything you say can and will be used against you." They also say "may be used against" but it means the same thing--they are going to screw you with your own words. So SHUT UP!

Other things cops do is to tell you, for example, that you really hurt Geo when you punched him, You say you didn't punch him. "So how can we make all this right?" asks the cop. "You say this and he says that and we're getting nowhere. Here's what I think: He thinks you hit him and you'll never convince him otherwise so be the bigger man and tell him you're sorry and we can all go home and forget about this." You take the bait and ask how should this be done, "Just write a letter of apology over the dust-up," says the cop. "I'll deliver it to him and I'm sure he'll accept it because he told me that's all he wants is an apology." So, to be the bigger man, you write a simple apology: "Sorry about what happened. No hard feelings." Then you go home. The next day, you're arrested, charged with assault and at your trial there is a handwritten confession written by you apologizing for you what you did! Once there is a confession, there is virtually no way out. You're fucked.

So NEVER talk to the cops! You do not benefit in even the best scenario and in the worst, you go to prison charged with a felony conviction on your record. Good luck landing a decent job with that hanging over you.

Author:  Litwitlou [ Sat Oct 06, 2018 6:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tips for Dealing with Cops and Arrest

"If you're not guilty you have nothing to worry about."

If that wasn't so sad I'd laugh. Innocent people go to jail all time. If you get caught doing something your best bet is to keep quiet and ask for a lawyer.
If you're accused of something you absolutely did not do, your best bet is to keep quiet and ask for a lawyer.

I'm not talking about petty misdemeanors. Cowboy up and pay the fine or do a little community service. But if suspected of, or charged with, a felony, shut up and ask politely for a lawyer. Any charge that might involve jail time, shut up and ask for a lawyer.

The Central Park 5.
The West Memphis 3.

Some (scary) numbers from The Innocence Project:

1989: The first DNA exoneration took place
362 DNA exonerees to date
37: States where exonerations have been won
14: Average number of years served
5,014: Total number of years served
26.5: Average age at the time of wrongful conviction
43: Average age at exoneration
20 of 362 people served time on death row
40 of 362 pled guilty to crimes they did not commit
70%: Involved eyewitness misidentification
41% of these cases were a cross-racial misidentification
32% of these cases involved multiple misidentifications of the same person
27% of these cases involved misidentification through the use of a composite sketch
45%: Involved misapplication of forensic science
28%: Involved false confessions
49% of the false confessors were 21 years old or younger at the time of arrest
34% of the false confessors were 18 years old or younger at the time of arrest
10% of the false confessors had mental health or mental capacity issues
17%: Involved informants
264: DNA exonerees compensated
187: DNA exonerations worked on by the Innocence Project
158: Actual assailants identified. Those actual perpetrators went on to be convicted of 150 additional violent crimes, including 80 sexual assaults, 35 murders, and 35 other violent crimes while the innocent sat behind bars for their earlier offenses.

Demographics of the 362:
222 (61%) African American
109 (30%) Caucasian
27 (8%) Latinx
2 (1%) Asian American
1 (<1%) Native American
1 (<1%) Self-identified “Other”

Other facts:
130 DNA exonerees were wrongfully convicted for murders; 40 (31%) of these cases involved eyewitness misidentifications and 81 (62%) involved false confessions [as of July 9, 2018]
102 DNA exonerations involved false confessions; the real perp was identified in 76 (75%) of these cases. These 38 real perps went on to commit 48 additional crimes for which they were convicted, including 25 murders, 14 rapes, and 9 other violent crimes [as of July 24, 2018]
180 of the DNA exonerees (50%) had the real perpetrator(s) identified in their cases [as of August 22, 2018]

If the charge is serious, shut up and ask for a lawyer. If the charge is serious and you're innocent, shut up and ask for a lawyer.

If they say, "If you didn't do it you have nothing to worry about." Shut up, try not to laugh, and ask for a lawyer.
If they say, "Just tell us where you were at 7:30 and we'll let you go." "Well, you know what kind of eyes she got."

Author:  Chris OConnor [ Sat Oct 06, 2018 7:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tips for Dealing with Cops and Arrest

I agree completely Litwitlou. I've read so much on this subject. Keep your mouth shut but don't be rude. Ask for your attorney. They will keep asking questions. Just persist yourself and demand your attorney. Cops and detectives can and will use things you say against you. And no I have never had to employ this tactic because I have never been arrested. But if I am I will not talk to anyone but an attorney.

Author:  Litwitlou [ Sun Oct 07, 2018 5:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tips for Dealing with Cops and Arrest

They are trained interrogators. You cannot outsmart them even if you happen to be smarter than them. You may be smarter than your mechanic but you can't replace your head gasket. Do not get into it with police officers. Play nice and ask to have a lawyer present during questioning.

Author:  DB Roy [ Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tips for Dealing with Cops and Arrest

I just saw a thing the other day where a guy was freed from prison after serving several years for a murder he did not commit. He was young at the time of his interrogation. He kept insisting he was not guilty. This cop then asked him to write down how he would have committed the murder if he had been the one that did it. Being young and not real bright, he writes it down. Then the cop has him change parts of his account. Needless to say, this was then introduced in court as a detailed confession with details only the killer knew and off to jail he went. Somehow one of those university justice advocacy groups found the videotape of the cop feeding this guy information from the real crime and won him a new trial where a judge ordered him to be immediately set free. Yes, cops will fuck you like that.

Now do you think if this guy had a lawyer present during that interrogation that this would have happened? I'll guarantee you it wouldn't have happened.

Author:  Chris OConnor [ Sat Nov 17, 2018 1:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tips for Dealing with Cops and Arrest

Wow, what a nightmare DB Roy. That cop should have to do some serious time.

Author:  ant [ Sat Nov 17, 2018 5:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tips for Dealing with Cops and Arrest

Bad advice.

Never, I repeat, NEVER talk to the police if circumstances cause you to fear an imminent arrest.

This is the best explanation/ advice I have ever heard.
It is worth listening to the entire lecture.


Author:  Chris OConnor [ Sun Nov 18, 2018 1:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tips for Dealing with Cops and Arrest

Thanks Ant. I'm watching now.

Author:  ant [ Mon Nov 19, 2018 11:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Tips for Dealing with Cops and Arrest

Chris OConnor wrote:
Thanks Ant. I'm watching now.

did you get a chance to hear the entire lecture yet?

what did you think?

that some good stuff.

It actually sent a chill down my spine specifically when I recalled one encounter I had with the cops long ago, in which I gave both of them a total tongue lashing.

Author:  Litwitlou [ Mon Nov 19, 2018 1:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Tips for Dealing with Cops and Arrest

Watched it.
This should be required viewing for any high school student about to apply for a learner's permit.

This would also be a good time for a course on money management. (Can we teach them money management before algebra, please?)

A course on sex. A real course. Sex is one of the most important parts of life and kids graduate knowing next to nothing.

And a Logic course. The reason for this should be obvious.

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