Trump is not a joke
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Author:  DWill [ Sun Jun 26, 2016 6:11 am ]
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With each candidate having such high negatives, their choice of running mates may have an outsize difference in the election. Unfortunately for Trump, Hugh Hefner is too old.

I think you're right about sexism and Clinton. She bends over backward to be personable and likable--just look at her on the campaign trail--yet her image is still that of the pushy broad. The take-charge thing that's admired in men is still off-limits for women. But it's amazing how in the past 28 years two families, the Bushes and Clintons, have dominated politics.

Author:  DB Roy [ Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:57 am ]
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There's talk of Elizabeth Warren running with Clinton. That's viable. She's about the only other woman in politics of any renown right now that could be president. There are others, I'm sure, but they don't have the name. In the GOP, there are no women I would consider ever voting for. They're an embarrassment. I mean Sarah Palin? Seriously? This is what they offer as the model of a conservative woman?? Hillary may carry a lot of negative baggage and some of it well deserved but she's clearly a smart woman. She understands the issues and she has clear ideas of how to deal with them. Palin has none of this, as Katie Couric accidentally proved some years ago. And Clinton has clout within the govt. You can bet nobody in the govt talks down to her. She's well-connected in what is otherwise a good ol' boys network. You know from the day her husband got elected, she was already planning her own run.

Trump I don't know about. Who will be his running mate? I've heard talk of a female running mate but that comes across as so politically expedient that it's pathetic. You know Trump doesn't respect women enough for that. It would look too much like he's trying to come across as not quite so misogynistic and she would be trying to use her status to move onto her own run. It wouldn't look like either's heart was really in it but were just using each other to fill in their own agendas. It might be true of most running mates but it shouldn't be so damned obvious that neither one can stand the other. There's also talk of Ben Carson who looks like he believe it himself. Well, good luck with that. It won't make Trump look any less racist and it won't get the black or minority vote.

The danger for Trump at this point is that he's going to have a very difficult time maintaining his maverick outsider image from here on out which has been his bread and butter. He has to start coming across as more presidential without alienating himself from his basic constituency who hate that kind of stuff. I suppose if anyone can do it, though, it will be him. He's a con man and can talk himself in or out of just about anything. So we'll see what happens.

Author:  DWill [ Thu Jun 30, 2016 6:51 am ]
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I just finished reading a psychological portrait of Trump by Dan McAdams in The Atlantic. Seems to distill Trump to the essence starting from a base of the" Big Five" recognized personality traits. Trump rates exceptionally high on extroversion and exceptionally low on agreeableness, which McAdams says is a somewhat unusual combination. What it produces is a person who constantly needs social rewards while also relying on anger as his primary motivational force. Hard to get what you want by treating people this way, but if you don't care how many hate you after dealing with you, and if you create a band of admirers despite your unpleasantness, it can be done. McAdams gives us Andrew Jackson as a close parallel to Trump among our past presidents, but in the end McAdams doubts that Trump has any vision at all for the country, unlike Jackson, whose populism did strengthen our democracy. McAdams also cites the common judgment of psychologists that Trump is narcissistic, and he doesn't dissent from that. However, several presidents rated as high on narcissism are often included among the "greats," such as T. Roosevelt, Johnson, and Jackson. ... mp/480771/

Author:  DB Roy [ Sat Jul 02, 2016 11:16 am ]
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There are now lawsuits against Trump for sexual misconduct with underage girls. These may or may not go anywhere but they need to be investigated fully. Some of the allegations made sound like they may be true. Trump's history of talking shit about women and openly mocking the looks of any he doesn't like certainly do nothing to dispel these allegations. One woman who was 13 when she said Trump raped her said he threatened her life and her family if she told anyone and she believed him. Why should we dismiss this when Trump wants to go after the families of terrorists and kill them? ... 19944.html

His association with convicted sex offender, Jeff Epstein, could be overlooked since Epstein was very rich and associated with a lot powerful figures including Bill Clinton except for this strange statement that Trump made:

“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it, Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Here is Snopes' synopsis the affair: ... e-lawsuit/

We also know that Trump's ex-wife, Ivana, accused him of rape but then after the settlement walked back the serious of her accusations. But her story claims very differently. Hard to walk back a story that serious.

Now Trump may be innocent but, if so, then let's put it to the test and find out. Although he stands, by the latest estimates, a 19% of getting into the White House, do we want to put him there and THEN find out he really did this stuff?

So couple the racketeering charges with the sex allegations and the gOP has every reason at the convention not to give him the nomination. If they do, shame on them.

Author:  DB Roy [ Fri Jul 22, 2016 1:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Trump is not a joke ... l_facebook

This article should be required reading for anyone intending to cast a vote this November.

Author:  DB Roy [ Sat Jul 23, 2016 11:25 am ]
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So Trump has picked his running mate, Mike Pence. You KNEW it wasn't going to be Newt Gingrich although it would have been hilarious if Trump has picked one of the few politicians people hate more than Trump himself. Trump chose Pence precisely because nobody's heard of him. Then they did this disastrous interview on 60 Minutes where Trump kept answering for Pence and, at one point, gave him permission to answer yes.

Then Trump did something crazy--he admitted Pence was an establishment politician and said, "Establishment's okay." Really, Donny? Because your appeal to the brainless twats who intend to vote for you has been that you are not an establishment politician because establishment = BAD. I said earlier that Trump would have to walk a tightrope while choosing a running mate because whoever it is will have to look like an outsider and yet Trump chose a blatant insider, brags about it, says being an insider is okay (unless your name is Hillary) and his followers have no criticisms to offer. Once again, I was wrong about this guy. And the reason I am continuously wrong is that I keep lowering the bar for the intelligence of his supporters and it simply isn't low enough. I keep thinking, "Nobody can possibly be stupid enough to buy into THIS!" And no sooner do I think that and they go and buy into it and without a single word of complaint!

I realize now that Trump supporters are identical to Limbaugh supporters--no matter what he says, no matter how he contradicts himself, no matter how badly he acts in public, no matter how brutally he embarrasses himself, no matter what stupid, racist, hateful, misogynistic drivel he spews in front of the media that would instantly end the careers of most politicians--they will follow him no matter what. If called on to explain this totally unmerited adulation, they mumble out weak-ass rationalizations (e.g. "At least he isn't Hillary") but that has nothing to do with anything. They follow him because they are the types of people who are prone to get caught up in a cult of personality. It doesn't even have to be a real personality. That's why most of them are also ardent Jesus-worshipers. They actually worship themselves by projecting their own deficient personalities on the leader (because they are authoritarian by nature) and worship themselves through him and fool themselves by saying, "He says what's on his mind." No, you project your mind onto him and then worship your own mind by worshiping him. In that sense, they are using Trump as much as he is using them and they truly deserve one another.

When Leslie Stahl brought up the Iraq War and how Trump lambastes Hillary for voting for it but Pence also voted for it, Trump simply said, "I don't care." But Pence didn't simply vote for the Iraq War, he was a YUGE cheerleader for that war. He was a major reason that it got off the ground--this war that Trump said was started on false pretexts, was started just so some rich fatcats could make money at the expense of the American taxpayer, this war which he insisted he was always against from the very beginning and which he endlessly criticizes Hillary Clinton for voting for. Yet he picks for a running mate one of the people that was instrumental in getting authorization for that war pushed through Congress and yet when that fact is brought to his attention, all we get is, "I don't care."

So, let that be a warning to you Trump-lovers out there. Trump has no ideology, no firm convictions aside from grabbing all the money, power and publicity that he can for himself, no scruples. Why? Because he doesn't care! Did he promise you the moon and fail to deliver? He doesn't care. Did he fail to help you keep your job as he promised? He doesn't care. Did he send your job overseas after vowing to end outsourcing? He doesn't care. Did he destroy your health care insurance by killing the ACA? He doesn't care. He doesn't care, He doesn't care!!! Do you get it???? He doesn't care--about you.

Author:  DWill [ Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:32 am ]
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DB Roy wrote:

I realize now that Trump supporters are identical to Limbaugh supporters--no matter what he says, no matter how he contradicts himself, no matter how badly he acts in public, no matter how brutally he embarrasses himself, no matter what stupid, racist, hateful, misogynistic drivel he spews in front of the media that would instantly end the careers of most politicians--they will follow him no matter what. If called on to explain this totally unmerited adulation, they mumble out weak-ass rationalizations (e.g. "At least he isn't Hillary") but that has nothing to do with anything. They follow him because they are the types of people who are prone to get caught up in a cult of personality.

I think you've got it there. The phenomenon is beyond teflon, a la Ronald Regan. Trump can't possibly disqualify himself in the eyes of his fanatics. The Trump voters are simply looking for someone through whom they can release their passions, completely devoid of the thought process.

Author:  DB Roy [ Fri Sep 16, 2016 5:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Trump is not a joke
Olbermann lays it out

Author:  DB Roy [ Fri Sep 16, 2016 5:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Trump is not a joke

DB Roy wrote:
Interestingly, here in Michigan, the republican-controlled legislature is trying to pass a bill eliminating single-punch voting cards. This is the card where you can just punch one hole to vote a straight ticket. I used it in the last election for the first time. I always previously voted for individual candidates but was so fed up with Republican bullshit that I punched a straight democratic ticket in 2012 although it didn't do any good for the state, the republicans won hugely.

So now the Michigan GOP is introducing a bill to eliminate one-punch voting. Now there could be legitimate reasons for it, right? Except there aren't. The very reason they gave is that one-punch voting tends to favor democrats. So they are going to re-do the ballots to make it harder to vote for their opposition. It has nothing to do with making voting easier or less cumbersome--in fact, the opposite. If you want to vote a straight ticket, you have to do it page-by-page if this becomes law. Hopefully, then, you might pick some republicans by mistake.

Btw, good news! SCOTUS shot it down! One-punch voting will remain in Michigan.

Author:  johnson1010 [ Sat Sep 17, 2016 11:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Trump is not a joke

Trump’s so called honesty is completely the opposite.

He isn’t honest. He’s unfiltered. Or in other words, he doesn’t think about what he says. He isn’t INVESTED in what he says. Because the truth doesn’t matter to him. Because he’s a fraud. A Huckster. He doesn’t have any plan to make America great again. He’s just wallowing in the attention he’s drawn to himself by being an out-loud idiot on national television.

Lets take a look at his supposed honesty.

Trump University:

Trump lies about Obama’s birth, his hand in continuing that nonsense conspiracy, and then shamelessly foisting his actions onto the people who did not have a hand in it.
This is a subject he spent YEARS championing, long after others had re-considered their ill-advised trip down racist Blvd. Trump was still banging the drum. Then he goes on stage and in 30 seconds says the opposite of what he’d spent years of his life championing with no explanation of why he’s been such an obvious and intrusive dip shit on that subject.

Trump lies about not knowing David Duke’s history of white supremacy. Refuses to reject the endorsement of white supremacists.
He won’t talk about people he knows nothing about? Flat out bullshit.
Trump’s entire gig is talking about things he knows nothing about. Declaring people losers, and dismissing them out of hand for infractions that disappear into nothingness compared to David Duke.

Trump pretends to be a different person on the phone to reporters. Claiming to be a PR spokes person for himself, bragging outrageously about himself while PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE ELSE.

Donald Trump lies about self funding his campaign

Trump lies about his ludicrous border wall.

These links can just keep coming and coming. This is not a man, guys. This is a goddamn Colonel Sanders. This is a Ronald McDonald. This is a spokesperson for TRUMP brand everything. He is lying at all times about all things because he doesn’t have any idea what he’s talking about at any moment. He isn’t an expert on anything. He hasn’t got fantastically rich on the merit of his business sense. Comparatively speaking, Paris Hilton has done far better with her inheritance. He CAN’T pick “the best guys. The very best guys. The smartest and best guys there are.” On any subject because he DOES’NT UNDERSTAND ANY SUBJECT!

Sam Harris articulates the dangers of Trump being an outrageously stupid and un-informed fool, on the brink of controlling the united states.

Trump is WASTING our time with every second of coverage he gets on TV. And if he gets elected he will squander the wealth, resources, good will and lives of our people. This is a Hitler in the making.

Unfortunate that Hitler comparisons are used so frequently on so many occasions that when there is a legitimate comparison it sounds hysterical. Like if someone says the death penalty is a good thing, or if white and black people have some differences or if mom grounds you for the weekend they might be Hitlers...

What about when an actual hollow-man with stated racist views, penchant for authoritarian statement and behavior, refuses to reject white supremacy, endorses violence at his rallies from people who desperately want to make the fatherland great again rises to the top of a political party that is falling apart at the stitches?

Author:  DB Roy [ Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:57 pm ]
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Watched the debates tonight and was not terribly impressed with either candidate because we didn't get a lot of substance from either but Clinton came out the winner--not by knockout but by decision. This was due mainly to Trump being Trump. He can't stop the crazy. As the debate wore on, the crazy came out. For me, the trouble with Trump was every time he tries to drop a bombshell, it isn't believable. It just sounds like something he made up. He spoke towards the end that the govt was going to deport some 800 real baddy immigrants but then decided to make them citizens instead. I mean, who is going to believe that other than a diehard Trump-bot? I don't even know what incident he is referring to but I will tell you whatever really happened did not go down the way he described it. It didn't sound believable, it sounded like one of those tales that Trump likes to tell his bots to pump them up with stupid rage when any clear-headed person knows it isn't true from the git-go. That's why I facepalm when I hear Trump-bots saying they won't vote for Clinton because she's a liar. SHE's a liar?? Has Trump actually spoken the truth other than by accident ever since the primaries began 15 months ago? I can't recall a single instance. EVERYTHING he says is a lie. He's a pathological liar and he's shameless about it.

One bizarre moment occurred when each argued about the emails vs. tax returns (stuff like this took up WAY too much time). Trump said he'd release his returns when Clinton released 33,000 emails. It probably sounded like a brilliant retort to his idiot supporters but it wasn't a good response. We need to see his returns because something's very wrong here. Assuming there really was 33,000 emails to find, the Russian hackers and Julian Assange both leaked thousands of emails from Clinton and she's still standing. So why worry about any others? Chances are, we see a good sampling and there's really nothing there. Clinton then suggested that maybe Trump won't release his returns because he's not a rich as he wants us to think or perhaps he hasn't paid any taxes--to which Trump replies, "Because I'm smart."

I was like, "Excuse me? Did you just pat yourself on the back for not paying taxes??" So there you go, folks. Smart people evade taxes. Of course, he tried to walk it back later but, Mr. Trump, there's not much wiggle room in these debates. Say what you mean and mean what you say. These things are too short for second chances.

The birther thing came up and Trump botched that one. Of course, if you believe the birther bullshit, you're going to have to botch it since it is provably untrue. Trump said he had the temperament to be president when that statement flat-out refutes itself. He said Clinton didn't have the stamina--whatever that means. Being president doesn't make your heart beat 160 times a minute so I think she can handle it. Trump did way too much whining about how mean Clinton is to him. BOO-FUCKING-HOO!! Here's a guy who practically laughed in Jeb Bush's face when he accused Trump of going after his family with wild accusations and not he's crying because Hillary's so mean to poor little him. I mean, who gives a shit? Grow a pair, Mr. Trump, that would be my advice. After watching you bully others around with so much glee and bluster, it really looks pathetic to see you whining now. Don't even think it. I can't believe his followers didn't desert him wholesale right there on the spot. Well, actually, I can believe it because they're stupid, but if they had any brains they'd have deserted this turd on the spot. Clinton, otoh, conducted herself well.

Hopefully, as these debates wear on, Hillary will get meaner and meaner until she rips his damn jugular out of his neck. Just go in for the kill. I think they were just sort of feeling each other out in this early go-around. But this is a contact sport and I expect some hitting for keeps and drawing of blood to ensue shortly.

Author:  DWill [ Tue Sep 27, 2016 8:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Trump is not a joke

Somebody give that man some Adderall--he can hardly complete a thought. Just on the basis of self-expressive ability, it would be a stretch imagining this person as a governor let alone pres.

Author:  DB Roy [ Tue Sep 27, 2016 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Trump is not a joke

Well, as Tony Schwartz, the real author "The Art of the Deal" said recently, he spent enough time with Trump to realize that the man has no attention span. He says Trump has no ability to concentrate very hard about anything because he simply has no attention span. One reason Schwartz spoke out against Trump was the idea of this guy in the War Room in a tense situation is frightening to ponder.

And he lies! He lies right to your face! Clinton accused him of saying that global warming was a Chinese hoax and he's going, "Not true!" It IS true! He's on record for having said it. He again asserted that he never supported the Iraq War and Lester Holt (who is republican, btw) had to remind him that he's on record for having supported it. And right after the debate when he entered the Spin Room, a reporter asked about the not paying taxes is smart remark and he denied he said it!! We all HEARD you, Trump!!! You said it!! Everybody in the world heard you. How can he just lie to your face like that and expect you to buy it?? He must think people are incredibly stupid. Or he's just plain nuts. At one point towards the end, a question was brought up about a possible first strike. Trump said a first strike is not going to happen under him, he would never resort to it. Then in the very next sentence he says, "But nothing's off the table." Well, which is it??

But imagine him as president making promises to other nations' leaders and then denying he ever did it when everybody in the world knows he did. And you know that's going to happen! The world is slowly forgiving us for George W. Bush but if we elect Trump--America's rep and cred will be in the shitter for the rest of our lifetimes. Imagine how pissed off Congress will be when he goes back on his word with them denying he ever said this or that when he's on record. And he's at least as stubborn as Bush is so he'll never give in no matter how wrong he is.

But the real problem is that he has his hand on the button as president. He gives the order to fire missiles and only he gives that order. The men who guard the nuclear arsenal do not take orders from anyone else. Is this who you want with his finger on that button? And remember that Trump didn't even know what the nuclear triad is!! The very idea of him having his finger on the button scares the hell out of me. That's why I tend to get short with people who hand me this crap that Clinton and Trump are equally bad. Bullshit! I would much rather Clinton have her finger on that button than Trump. The man is a basket case.

Author:  DB Roy [ Wed Sep 28, 2016 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Trump is not a joke

Correction: Lester Holt did not ask Trump about a nuclear first strike but rather first use. First use is about using nukes on countries that don't possess nukes. First use is essentially a prohibition of such use but Trump answered talking about first strike--a pre-emptive deploying of a nuclear weapon against an enemy.

Again, this calls into question Trump's grasp of the nuclear situation. He simply isn't well versed on it and that is unacceptable for someone seeking the office of president. It will be maddening if he gets elected for being an ignorant dolt while people who have done their homework concerning the most difficult decision any president or other world leader will ever have to make are relegated to also-rans.

Trump's handlers (I picture guys wearing zookeeper outfits holding huge butterfly nets) are saying he must do better in Debate 2. Well, duh!! The problem is that they let him go offscript but if he just spouts memorized, canned answers then it's obvious that this not the real Trump answering. Besides, they lambaste Hillary for canned responses just as they lambasted Obama for using a teleprompter only to turn around and demand Trump do the same thing. You can't help but realize there's a war within the Trump campaign--Trump vs. His staff. They can only make right moves by overriding him. Like when he wanted to sit Gennifer Flowers up front at the debate. She accepted the invitation and was told by the staffers to forget it--ain't gonna happen. While it was the smart move (what a PR disaster that would have been), they had to override Donnie Darkmind to execute it.

How electable is a man when his staffers' most important job is to protect him from himself? Their campaign is most in danger of being sunk by the man whom they are campaigning for because he can't shut his big mouth. I can honestly say, I have NEVER seen anything like this before. Would that I never see it again.

Author:  DWill [ Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Trump is not a joke

So will Donald drop his so-called bombshell next debate, the one he alluded to darkly to at the end of the first debate but held back out of "niceness"? The bomb is thought to be Bill Clinton's infidelities while governor and president. If Trump really believes there is political grist here it only proves again his stupidity. If he tries to detonate that bomb he'll face a backlash that will finally put a stake through the heart of his candidacy.

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