Why is the FBI Sabotaging My Manuscript?
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Author:  Rodrigo [ Fri Aug 07, 2020 4:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Why is the FBI Sabotaging My Manuscript?

Because I have invested well over 5000 hours in narrating and describing in very vivid details the ceaseless and brazen civil rights violations in my latest novel.

It was only after I went from traditional paper-bound notebooks to saving my draft on an electronic file that I began discovering in my latest revisions entirely new sets of "errors". Then, a whole paragraph disappeared mysteriously! Next, the last sentence of another paragraph vanished.

The impossible was happening! I would gaze with wide-open, surprised eyes as I kept running across silly "errors". For example, I would find inappropriate words planted in sentences, replacing others but yet bearing some resemblance. Much later I was seeing the glaring absence of punctuation like periods, commas, and quotation marks, which normally never appear after the eighth draft of any respectable manuscript.

Even when I first attempted to include the following sentence on the Overview page, "King of the Bullies is based mostly on real-life events, which still are occurring frequently and illegally today!", I could not! This sentence kept disappearing.

Is the FBI Trying to Kill Me?

To read a sample where a covert agent is approaching quickly in my rear and does the unthinkable, go to:

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