Sports Action Kids Books foster children's literacy development at home.
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Author:  Coach Craig B Ed [ Thu Aug 06, 2020 7:33 am ]
Post subject:  Sports Action Kids Books foster children's literacy development at home. 

Hello everyone.
We are living in very difficult times with potentially long term educational impacts on children. The disruption in their learning, particularly their early literacy development is concerning. During this time of school and library closures with the pandemic, children are missing critical access to materials, programs and instructional time that focus on their reading and literacy development.

Our goal is to provide families more access to supportive reading resources in a time of great need ..... 
with books that can motivate and foster some important "home time" focus on their children's literacy development in an engaging manner. 

Sports Action Kids Books - Coach Craig - B.Ed.
We combine the theme of some popular sports with some literacy support, guidance and tips for instruction.
Each book includes a very informative literacy guide that explains the 4 building blocks of reading to parents in easy to understand terms, with suggested activities. The books also include a special page format, a resource for their children to practice early critical literacy skills, necessary for eventual reading fluency. While the paperback versions are ideally suited for intimate reading and learning, the e-books are both cost effective and efficient in delivery to families during this pandemic. 
We have provided a link for you to quickly peruse the series, called the "Sports Action Kids Books".

Please take a moment if you have young children, or in your extended family, or friends and neighbours, or simply would like to help bring awareness of these new literacy resources. All of the E-books are now only $2.99.
If you are an amazon shopper ....
a verified purchase with an amazon review will go a long way in helping make families aware of these new resources in a time of need.
Stay safe and thank-you.

"The Football Game Is On!
"The Baseball Game Is On!
"The Basketball Game Is On!
"The Hockey Game Is On!
"The Soccer Game Is On!

The paperback book versions are also, each an amazing sports themed literacy resource.
Now under $10, they are more powerful as a real hands on early reading experience for a parent and child.

Thank-you very much for your time,
and we welcome purchased reviews on amazon to help bring this new reading resource to families. 
sincerely, Coach Craig - B.Ed. ... t_pop_book

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