Brand-new: Call to Power: A prime corporate novel
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Author:  jackpage [ Sun Jun 21, 2020 7:17 am ]
Post subject:  Brand-new: Call to Power: A prime corporate novel


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How far would you go to protect the jobs of those who depend on you? A young manager in the Rust Belt thought he knew.

A Pittsburgh-based manufacturing goliath is teetering at the verge of collapse: The board is a tinderbox, the CEO weak, and four thousand jobs are to be offshored to India. Amidst the chaos, the shadow ruler Collin Bentbar schemes to topple the CEO. But when the young power-crazed, yet principled Paul Cromwell joins the ailing colossus, an unlikely antagonist emerges. Only then does the real flood of boardroom intrigues, conspiracies, and business scandals wash over the company. Whether it is the devious operations director, the majority shareholder of tsarist arrogance, or the labor unions – for their personal gain they will even go to society’s darkest corners. Personal hatred drives the directors farther than any career ambition ever could. And the young Cromwell himself hallucinates into reality a war against his nemesis in the board. Might it spiral out of control and plunge Cromwell into moral amnesia?

CALL TO POWER is a fast-paced commercial thriller with plot-twists and strong characters. Dive into a riveting story about managerial responsibility in a world terrified by the job-eating maw of technology and Asia’s rise to the globe’s factory.

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