Story of a Stolen Girl by Pat Spencer
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Author:  Pat Spencer [ Sun May 03, 2020 12:54 am ]
Post subject:  Story of a Stolen Girl by Pat Spencer

Story of a Stolen Girl is the story of a mother’s love and how far she goes to rescue her only daughter. At the invitation of her psychology professor, Darby Richards and her college roommate attend a private gambling club. Darby is drugged, kidnapped, and sold through an international human trafficking cartel serving world leaders, corporate CEO’s, and even the President’s Cabinet. A puff of the Columbian drug, the Devil’s Breath, renders Darby utterly compliant, controlled by suggestion, and responsive to verbal commands. While held in Ankara, Turkey, she is befriended by other stolen women whose stories, composites of actual victims, weave throughout the plot. When the FBI, LAPD, and an executive kidnapping insurance company fail to bring her daughter home, Darby’s widowed mother, Nina Richards, concludes she must wait no longer for someone else to rescue her daughter. But what can she do?

What would you do to rescue your only child?

“Anticipated thriller that bursts myths surrounding human trafficking. Life and death action, international intrigue, and an ordinary mom who takes the action we all wish we would if our child were in peril. A must-read.” --R.W. Richard, Award-Winning Author of AUTUMN BREEZE and A MORE PERFECT UNION

“A timely story. We feel a mother’s anguish and her determination to save her daughter, no matter the risk. This suspenseful novel shines a light on human trafficking, a cruel and underreported crime that devastates the lives of its victims.” --Ann Robson, Award-Winning Author of MARULA RIDGE

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