Balance Of Death - By Kole Fei
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Author:  FeiCreative [ Sun Apr 26, 2020 8:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Balance Of Death - By Kole Fei

Sit down find your seats.
I am very interested to get honest feedback about the first in our series (The Seven Realms). Please all honest discussion is welcome; keyword being honest.

It is available on kindle or just directly through Amazon (link:

Shot Description
The vast realm of Pródesi is fraught with untold dangers that keep the encroaching empire of Amneka at bay. Using alchemical technology, Amneka attempts to claim the land from magical beasts, and the mighty chakra users of Kutara's clans. While, Daeva seeks to expand the power and reach of his massive criminal organization. Asta disinterested in the affairs of men, is set upon a terribly violent path to seek vengeance upon the gods themselves.

Longer Description
In the realm of Prósdesi in the year 2711 well past the induction of the gods. Society in the form of Amneka has almost entirely claimed the realm. It is also home to the creators of soten: a unique skill where users channel their chakra to develop unique and powerful Soten.

Asta is a 107 year old warrior whose power is as confusing as it is great. The world has wrought untold cruelties upon Asta; now it is her turn. The realm trembles as she tears a path of blood and death to realize her goals. With a faction of victimized women turned ageless death dealers. Asta has turned their fear and pain into a merciless killing instinct.

Meanwhile, Ruvaen a progress minded politician willing to do anything to get to the top; with the intention of making things better for all. He must reconcile the subjugation of a god, and his desire to free his country from outside control. With the help of the leader in alchemical technology- Azreil -they shall come to realize how much power his science can afford them.

Finally Daeva, a vampiric Radian in the Circle of Śmierć. An ancient criminal organization that deals in all forms of criminality. Daeva is less concerned with wealth and more interested in exploring the many mythical paths to higher echelons of power.

Yet with Amneka and the clans headed for a war the Circle of Śmierć has to secure its power before it is too late, and the land is torn by the two. Asta’s path of blood and death threatens to rock the very foundation of the realm as she seeks vengeance against Thatos the god of Prósdesi!

Thank you for your time.

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