Number Eight Crispy Chicken: Ideal political satire for group discussion (with reading guide(
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Author:  Sarah Neofield [ Wed Jan 22, 2020 1:06 am ]
Post subject:  Number Eight Crispy Chicken: Ideal political satire for group discussion (with reading guide(

Immigration is a hot topic in many countries around the world today. But what if an immigration minister, who has made a career out of locking up those seeking asylum, finds himself detained in a foreign airport?

Minister for Asylum Deterrence and Foreign Investment, Peter Ruddick, is en route to the remote Pulcherrima Island, the site of his latest privately-run, fast food chain-inspired detention centre. But chaos ensues when Peter misses his connecting flight and finds himself confined to the visa-free zone of the Turgrael airport, without a business lounge in sight.

Stranded in a foreign territory with nothing but McKing's Crispy Chicken burgers to eat and nobody but a bleeding heart liberal, his seat-mate Jeremy Bernard for company, Peter's misunderstandings of Turgistani language and culture result in his arrest on suspicion of terrorism, perversion, and espionage. Peter has always had the power to get away with just about anything, but how will he sweet talk his way out of this one? What if he winds up - like those in his centres - indefinitely detained?
'Hilarious' and 'powerful', Number Eight Crispy Chicken is a carefully researched, funny, and thought-provoking read for fans of the social novels of Tressell, Orwell, Dickens, and Vonnegut.

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While the characters and stories of Peter and Jeremy, along with the institutions depicted in Number Eight Crispy Chicken are entirely fictitious, the plight of those detained indefinitely is all too real. Readers may be surprised to learn that the facts and statistics mentioned in the novel are, tragically, based on real-life policies and events (although the time frames and persons involved have been changed).

Individual readers and book clubs can find an extensive list of resources, plus a free reading guide (with general tips on running a book discussion as well as discussion starters specific to Number Eight Crispy Chicken) at


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