Iurii Vovchenko just released "Answers In Simulation" on Amazon
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Author:  IuriiVovchenko [ Mon Aug 19, 2019 5:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Iurii Vovchenko just released "Answers In Simulation" on Amazon

Dear Forum,

"Answers In Simulation" is an unusual product of fiction. I tried to combine spiritual and cold-blooded mathematical nature of our existence. This book's protagonist is a young adult, a millennial. He witnesses a life changing event, which completely changes his otherwise mediocre existence. There are many themes in the book. The main one is how simulated reality phenomenon affects our spiritual and religious beliefs, our world view. I think it will be especially interesting to young Christians and former Christians.

The rest of the description is from Amazon:

ANSWERS IN SIMULATION is a story of a young man facing the challenges of the modern world. While the book offers a compelling and unpredictable plot, it also addresses the eternal questions of love, meaning of life, human sin, and the existence of God.

Even though the book can be classified as spiritual reading, it gives specific and easy to understand answers to many philosophical questions using plain and concise language. A sophisticated reader will find some treats spread throughout the book, masked by the apparent simplicity.

Follow Robbie in his exploration of the human world and solve a few mysteries along the way, while enjoying some subtle satire hiding behind every corner.

Amazon Kindle edition: ... ZHK7TAKYYM

Paperback: ... way&sr=8-2

I welcome your constructive feedback and I will be happy to answer your questions in this forum thread.

Thank you!
Iurii Vovchenko

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