The Silence of Kings - A Dark Fantasy Novel
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Author:  zebotc [ Tue Jul 09, 2019 1:05 pm ]
Post subject:  The Silence of Kings - A Dark Fantasy Novel

Hey everyone! I recently published my first book in a series of three known as The Silence of Kings. I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to check it out and leave a review. At the time of writing it is free for the next 4 days. Thank you!

Description: A young man named Leo Gryffl rediscovers an old family heirloom that goes on to change his world forever. The heirloom that he discovers sends him down a dark, whimsical, and sinister rabbit hole that leads him on a path of adventure, self-discovery, and insanity.

On his journey he meets a cast of colorful and unique characters that all have a story to tell or a past to run away from. As the story progresses Leo goes on to find out that their world is not what it seems, and that someone (or something) is somehow influencing political events in almost every country that exists.

Things take a dark turn when entire governments begin to collapse all around our “heroes”. Strange occurrences begin to happen at every corner and terrifying people that hold mysterious “magical” powers start popping up as the world tears apart at its seams. Rumor in the "Shadow" is that a great beast has awoken beneath the bowels of society. A hydra that cannot be defeated. One that has extended its poisonous heads into the farthest depths of world affairs. But what happens next extends far beyond the reach of politics. Buy the book to find out more.

Proceed cautiously; the hydra is always watching...

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