Do You Know What It's Like to be Strangled by a Huge Bully?
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Author:  jorge [ Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Do You Know What It's Like to be Strangled by a Huge Bully?

First, I pray you and your family is spared what I have been through for the last nine years. Only a handful of people know how the FBI can make anyone feel s/he is living in hell. I will give you a few instances, some idea how it's like to be bullied by the FBI:

* After my brother was in a car accident, and after he had the Honda Accord parked in the backyard, forgetting his key in the ignition in his stupor, the key disappeared mysteriously days later, when he went to get the key, proving the car must have been fitted with cameras inside.
* The seven dollars that I returned to my mother from shopping for milk, was stolen from her purse. Money somehow is always vanishing from my mother, brother, and me, but never from my sister.
* The price of milk that I bought recently at Walmart, only once, rose immediately.
* The cable and the mediums used like Netflix to see movies, act up with glitches without valid technical reasons.
* There are sometimes two agents posing as ordinary citizens waiting for me, standing separately outside the public library, when I go there, and spying on me constantly inside, whether by going to the bathroom, etc. The other day when I altered my work routine online, an older, dark-haired librarian came running toward my direction and stared at me with a strange worried look on her slightly-aged face.
* The front door is being secretly unlocked on several occasions after I have gone out. My sister keep telling me I am forgetting to lock the front door and I keep insisting that I am locking the door before I leave.
* My personal information was mysteriously wiped out from an online account as if it never existed, and almost the whole content in one file saved in my laptop, disappeared.
* Someone shared divisive information with my half brother in Virginia, since he never replied to my latest email; FBI has been dividing my family, turning everyone against me.
* I can't surf online at Starbucks on my laptop as before; the FBI won't allow it! I have to go to the public library to use the Internet.
* If I try to submit a link to free submission sites for search engine, FBI interferes aggressively, freezing pages, making the task painfully and utterly impossible.
* The other day when I commented critically, saying, after seeing five postal cars parked bumper-to-bumper in one side street, "How many postal cars are needed to deliver mail in one street?", consequently I was punished with a sneaky attack, with the public library's Internet going down suddenly, in all three branches; this was no coincidence.

Despite all the ugliness in tyranny, despite the inconceivable level of surveillance that nobody would have believed could ever happen, I tried to create something beautiful in all this ugliness in King of the Bullies like a painter adding the almost invisible nuisances with gentle and skillful touches of his brush that are frequently and notoriously glossed over in movies. Since the greatest authors never wrote because of financial motives, I am offering King of the Bullies for free.

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