Check Out My Five Works Of Fiction! The Rulers Above! - The Silent Sheriff - And Take Me
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Author:  delwriterauthor [ Sat May 11, 2019 8:39 am ]
Post subject:  Check Out My Five Works Of Fiction! The Rulers Above! - The Silent Sheriff - And Take Me

The Rulers Above is an epic fantasy about a young woman from London who goes to this magical world of angels and gods, and she becomes a hero to these angels as she ends up helping them with their greatest threats and life-challenges. It's a big story and it's certainly not a straightforward story; there are many characters, and there isn't just one main villain in the whole, there are many villains, and they're all unique. Essentially it is a load of stories surrounding one main story, and I've told all the little stories and now I've just got this main story left to tell. The story is available on Amazon and you can read sample chapters on my Wattpad. There's currently three books on Amazon (three parts); I have two more books left to write, but I'm currently writing other, smaller, projects. I'm currently writing a story called Fable King, a children's story. Anyway the first book of the Rulers Above is called: The Rulers Above Volume 1 The Traitor's Fool, it's 70000 words and serves as the introduction to my angelic world (which, by the way, has nothing to do with Christianity or religion - it's purely fictional!). The Rulers Above Volume 2 Awakening Of The Hearts is 75000 words and concludes the story started in The Traitor's Fool. In The Rulers Above volume 3 (which I finished in December - it took me three years and I consider this my masterpiece so far, as I put so much work into it, day after day, of literally smashing my brain into the computer to make it what it is), there is a whole new bigger story and I reload the remains of the previous two books with the contents in this new story and make one bigger, better sequel, and it is marvelous, from start to finish. There are many exciting, intense scenes, and there's even an epic war at the end. Book 3, in my opinion, is the best so far, at 157000 words. I've still got book 4 and 5 left to write, and I imagine they'll be the biggest books!

The Silent Sheriff is the first story I ever wrote and it's a horror novella about three people who wake up in a desert and must survive a mysterious hunter known as the Silent sheriff.

Take Me is about a man who wakes up in a train station and starts going through his own life-review while being followed by a sinister force - it's a short story, you could probably finish it in a day, and all these books are available on Amazon!

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