Seeking Reviews For New Mystery/Thriller - The Last Van Gogh
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Author:  BookBuzz [ Wed May 08, 2019 2:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Seeking Reviews For New Mystery/Thriller - The Last Van Gogh

Seeking Reviews For New Mystery/Thriller - The Last Van Gogh

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The Last Van Gogh
By Will Ottinger
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Published: March 2019
ISBN: 978-1684331932
Pages: 283
Genre: Mystery, Thriller

"The Last Van Gogh" received the 2019 Maxy Award for Best Mystery-Detective Novel

A brilliant and troubled artist. A lost masterpiece. The desperate search for the truth.

An unknown Van Gogh painting disappears from France at the outbreak of World War Two. A notorious con man later claims he smuggled the immense painting to the U.S. where it is never seen again. Ninety years later, his two sons, Adam and Wesley Barrow, discover letters that supposedly confirm the painting's existence, now valued at $250 million if it exists.

Dogged by a dysfunctional childhood and skeptical of his father's tale, Adam at first dismisses the old letters.

The painting's possible existence also attracts the attention of three unscrupulous collectors, all former associates of his father, one of whom engages a professional killer to find the painting.

Doubtful of its existence, Adam teams with Katya Veranova, a beautiful KGB defector and ex-assassin, as they travel to Holland, Paris, California, and New York on a desperate mission, forming an intimate but tenuous bond. Tracked by the unseen contract killer and threatened at every turn, Adam and Kat face increasing danger in their quest to find the last Van Gogh.

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