Can India return to its Golden Age?
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Author:  Authorpai01 [ Tue Nov 27, 2018 5:56 am ]
Post subject:  Can India return to its Golden Age?

:) The novel ‘The Last Ashoka’ by Vivek Pai explores the various aspects of what is required to make a nation great.

What is the meaning of the word ‘Democracy’ to you?

Democracy is a word used to describe ‘Peoples’ Rule’. It means different things to people. For some it is a fact of life and it’s a fiction for many across the globe. Many democracies are evolving and with that, the meaning of this word is also changing for the beneficiaries of this system.

‘Peoples’ Rule’ in an ideal form should have all the people making their will known in every single aspect. This will then form the basis of all decisions in that matter.

Does any of the Democracies work on this principle? Do the representatives elected by the people decide based on the needs of those they represent and the knowledge of their requirements? Is it possible for a technologically advanced society like ours to achieve this state?

What can we learn from our history that will help us reach an ideal state of ‘Peoples’ Rule’? Are all our people educated or informed sufficiently to take the nation in a positive direction?

Thus this brings us to the question what is the ‘Right Education’?

Bhaarata has been lucky to have had a great education system that helped in dissemination of knowledge and wisdom in Gurukuls. Here a Guru would impart the language skills, logic and then go ahead to teach the deserving students - the knowledge and wisdom. For many pupils who would master various sciences and wanted to learn in greater depth, there were other Gurukuls where they would be sent by their master or would be sent to one of the many seats of higher learning – The Vishwavidhyalas.

The plundering barbarians and conquerors saw this education system as a threat to their way of life. This entire system was completely demolished and destroyed in the past one and a half millennium. The Europeans were the last to leave this land and they left behind their education system as their legacy. This is the same education system followed today and has not proven itself to be the ‘Right Education’.

Can we then create a ‘Right Education’ system which will use the advantages of all the existing and past systems? This is the basic aspect that has to be taken care of before we can say that we are a nation of people who can and will be involved in every decision that moves the ‘Wheel of Democracy’ forward.

:clap: Join me in the fictional journey - ‘The Last Ashoka’ that I have created to ensure that our land and humanity moves in this direction.
I have included some supernatural aspects heard in this land to make this journey interesting. Also, we will understand the role of the World’s first known ancient secret society – ‘The Nine Unknown Men’.

To make sure that some chapters of history do not repeat ever again, I have dwelled upon some ways of dealing with the enemies of this land and that of humanity.

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