Lady F Says Hi! For the Love of the Goddess - Now on Amazon!
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Author:  Lady F [ Sat Nov 17, 2018 10:03 am ]
Post subject:  Lady F Says Hi! For the Love of the Goddess - Now on Amazon!

For the Love of the Goddess

A fantasy romance


Do you suffer from a tender heart?
This is the story of your next romantic interests. In a short time you will fall in love with possibly every character in this book.

Do you love mythology?
You will be given the chance to hold the hand of a Great Goddess of Love, Attraction, and Sex, and treat her French breakfast. No one can resist the charms of this seductress except for a gifted young man, who is in love with someone else.

Are you fond of suspense?
You will find out who eventually steals the heart of a frankly incredible Parisian woman… You will meet characters pleasant and well-mannered who have to cheat in order to get an unearthly beautiful magical artifact. You will discover the answer to an ancient mystery that will haunt us from the very beginning.

It is a story, in which the author attempts the vindication of a disgraceful Goddess, where men of distinction share a romantic interest, where Gods kiss fairies and leave imprints in their souls, a story of the almost faultlessly happy woman, who demands sensual delight and rarely gets it, a story of tender sighs and the perfect cup of coffee. What is at stake at all times are the character’s hearts, but they are characters who smile even when things have gotten badly wrong, and this is why we love them. They bless each other after sex, they live for the moment, and some of them have hypnotizing blue eyes. They are gracious and their faces exude light, when you look at them, while they are dancing.

To all of you romantic, fantasy lovers:
You will walk in Paris, followed by spring.

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