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Author:  Mr. Pessimistic [ Tue Jun 07, 2005 10:28 pm ]
Post subject:  5 Point Framework Repost

...and here is the other:

Diamonds Five Point Framework:

Environmental Damage

Climate Change

Hostile Neighbors

Friendly Neighbors

The Society's Response to Environmental Damage (or any other problems)

Of these, Diamond states that the first four are not always a factor to the society, the last always is. Always. Strong assertion. Lets see what he has to offer to back this up.

Environmental Damage:
        Imprudence on behalf of the society
Fragility of Environment (forests, soil, population of game/abundance of food sources)

Climate Change:
        Ice Ages
Overly dry/wet fluctuations
Output of the sun's heat
Volcanic eruption
(present)Man made causes more prevalent

Hostile Neighbors
        Conflict & Aggression
        Ecological or other collapse masquerades as military defeat (Example of Rome
and the Barbarians)

Friendly Neighbors
        Decreased support from
        Defeat of by an aggressor
        Collapse of

The Society's Response to Environmental (or other) Damage
        Response depends on political, economic, and social institutions and on cultural

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