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OFFICIAL POLL: Vote on our Q4, 2022 FICTION book!

Help us pick our next FICTION book for group discussion here. YOU MUST HAVE 5+ POSTS TO CONTRIBUTE IN THIS FORUM!
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OFFICIAL POLL: Vote on our Q4, 2022 FICTION book

BOOK 1: The Pigman - by Paul Zindel
BOOK 2: Slaughterhouse-Five - by Kurt Vonnegut
BOOK 3: Lord of the Flies - by William Golding
BOOK 4: Beloved - by Toni Morrison
Total votes: 6
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OFFICIAL POLL: Vote on our Q4, 2022 FICTION book!

OFFICIAL POLL: Vote on our Q4, 2022 FICTION book!

Below are 4 excellent book choices for our October, November & December 2022 (Q4) FICTION book discussion. These 4 books are all commonly banned by schools and libraries for one reason or another... which makes the thought of reading them a bit enticing and exciting right? These books were all pulled from the BookTalk.org BANNED BOOKS page.


1. Only vote if you have 10 or more posts on the BookTalk.org forums. This is a pretty low bar. This rule exists because we only want people that will actually participate in the book discussion casting votes and influencing what book we read and discuss as a group.

2. Change your vote(s) at any point up until the poll closes.

3. Vote for your TOP 2 book choices. You're really helping us if you vote for your 1st AND 2nd choice books.


After you have voted make a follow-up post here and tell us what books you picked and maybe why you picked them. And then watch this poll thread and interact with your fellow members. Sometimes what other people have to say about our book choices can influence how we ultimately choose to vote.

Here are our 4 FICTION choices...

BOOK 1: The Pigman
By Paul Zindel

BOOK 2: Slaughterhouse-Five
By Kurt Vonnegut

BOOK 3: Lord of the Flies
By William Golding

BOOK 4: Beloved
By Toni Morrison
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Re: OFFICIAL POLL: Vote on our Q4, 2022 FICTION book!

I voted for Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut. During my recent visit to Berlin, I took the opportunity to catch a train for the day to Dresden, where much of Slaughterhouse Five is set. Vonnegut was a prisoner of war there during the firestorm that totally destroyed the city in the Second World War. I read a lot of Vonnegut when I was a kid. He is a superb writer, extremely funny, moving and insightful. Slaughterhouse Five also includes a science fiction subplot, with the fictional author Kilgore Trout and the planet Tralfamadore, full of whimsy and humour.
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