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Government in the Future: Noam Chomsky

Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2006 12:31 pm
by Dissident Heart
Government in the Future is a small pamphlet transcript of a lecture given by Noam Chomsky 35 years ago. His prescience is startling.Quote:In this classic talk delivered at the Poetry Center, New York, on February 16, 1970, Noam Chomsky articulates a clear, uncompromising vision of social change.Chomsky contrasts the classical liberal, libertarian socialist, state socialist and state capitalist world views and then defends a libertarian socialist vision as "the proper and natural extension . . . of classical liberalism into the era of advanced industrial society."In his stirring conclusion, Chomsky argues, "We have today the technical and material resources to meet man's animal needs. We have not developed the cultural and moral resources or the democratic forms of social organization that make possible the humane and rational use of our material wealth and power. Conceivably, the classical liberal ideals as expressed and developed in their libertarian socialist form are achievable. But if so, only by a popular revolutionary movement, rooted in wide strata of the population and committed to the elimination of repressive and authoritarian institutions, state and private. To create such a movement is a challenge we face and must meet if there is to be an escape from contemporary barbarism."I'd be very interested in reading this and along the way perhaps expanding Chomsky's discussion into what sort of world we want to live in. The text is very accessable, full of juicy quotes and classic Chomskian logic.