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Author:  ddaniel03301996 [ Sat Aug 10, 2019 10:26 am ]
Post subject:  NEW AUTHOR, NEW BOOK!

Hey guys!,

My name's Devin Smith.
I'm 23, and I'm from TN.
I joined this site in hopes of promoting my new book.
It's a book that teaches people about math.

Math for Beginners: A Modern Guide (A 13-Chapter Book)
teaches people-as the name implies- basic math.
The book is 300 pages long.

I've attached a free, 4-chapter preview of the book.
Link to buy book:

In Chapter 1, take a look at important sets of numbers,
look back at addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division,
examine opeartions, look into exponents, roots, and absolute values,
and review factors and multiples.

In Chapter 2, learn about equations and expressions and evaluations,
operate in the correct order,
handle expressions that contain exponents,
and evaluate expressions with parentheses.

In Chapter 3,
understand the four steps for solving word problems,
form simple word equations to grasp important information,
plugging in numbers to solve the problem when working with word equations,
approaching more-complex word problems with confidence.

In Chapter 4, multiply and divide fractions,
add and subtract franctions in different ways,
learn about mixed numbers and the Basic Four operations
(addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

In Chapter 5, learn about decimals and the Basic Four operations,
learn about decimal and fraction conversions,
learn about repeating decimals.

In Chapter 6, undestand percents,
convert percents back & forth between decimals and fractions,
answer both simple and difficult percent problems,
use the percent circle.

In Chapter 7, addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals and percents
in word equations, translating the word of as multiplication,
converting percents to decimals in word problems,
business problems involving percent increase and decrease.

In Chapter 8, understand that a variable such as x
stands for a number, use substitution to evaluate an algebraic expression,
know and rearrange the terms in any algebraic expression,
simplify algebra expressions.

In Chapter 9, use variables in equations.
Know quick ways to solve for x in simple equations,
put the balance scale method to use when solving equations,
rearrange and isolate terms in an algebraic equation,
remove parentheses from an equation,
cross-multiply to remove fractions.

In Chapter 10, solve algebra word problems in easy steps,
work your way through solving an algebra word problem,
choose variables, putting charts to use.

In Chapter 11, we take a look at two-dimension (2D) shapes,
we examine solid geometry,
we figure out how to measure a variety of shapes.

In Chapter 12, you will read bar graphs and pie charts and line graphs,
you'll gain an understanding of the Cartesian coordinate system,
you'll even plot points on a line graph,
and you will solve problems using a graph.

In Chapter 13, you'll appreciate how simple concepts
are indispensable in math,
everyone will know why p and prime numbers are important,
people will understand the importance of graphs and functions,
and we will take a look at the world of real numbers.

Anything you guys could offer would be great:
reviews, comments, suggestions, etc.

Thanks guys!,

- Devin D. Smith

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