the elusive question
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Author:  youkrst [ Sat Feb 28, 2015 11:47 pm ]
Post subject:  the elusive question

Chris wrote: ask him to comment on this poll topic.

He said, "...why a benevolent God would allow the radical evil of the Holocaust to happen."

There is a good question in there somewhere but I am too tired to find it right now.

a possible question might be....

John Figdor wrote:
As it happens, I was studying the Holocaust at the same time in my social studies class at school. During the discussion, my faintly Christian beliefs were utterly unable to explain why a benevolent God would allow the radical evil of the Holocaust to happen. Worse, I discovered apologists arguing all sorts of insane things, such as:

Jews deserved the Holocaust for being insufficiently holy.
The Bible’s answer was in the Book of Job, which suggests that human beings cannot question God’s morality because God’s infinite ways are so far beyond our human comprehension.

have the authors come across any interesting responses from christians to get "God" of the hook since the book was released.

we get the

1) God gave us free will so we have evil otherwise we'd all be automatons

2) God works in mysterious ways

3) We can't judge god by our own human standards

but have the authors come across anything better in their conversations.

:-D obviously i just posted this to get a ball rolling, hopefully major refinement may turn lead into gold, or perhaps we cannot make silk purses but at least there is a starting point even if the elusive question turns out to be a totally different question.

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