The Drowning Girl - Chapter 7
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Author:  Chris OConnor [ Tue Oct 01, 2013 1:32 pm ]
Post subject:  The Drowning Girl - Chapter 7

The Drowning Girl - Chapter 7

Author:  KayR [ Sun Oct 13, 2013 7:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Drowning Girl - Chapter 7

Hmmm. There seems to be a shift taking place, from Eva as victimizer (the drowning girl causing others to drown) to Eva as victim (the last wolf, hunted down as she cowers in her cave).

Author:  KayR [ Sat Oct 19, 2013 7:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Drowning Girl - Chapter 7

In an earlier chapter Abalyn googled Eva Canning and found articles about her being connected to a cult that committed mass suicide by drowning. But Abalayn (or maybe it was Imp--one of the two, anyway) pointed out that this couldn't be real because neither of them had ever heard of it, and something like this would be as big as Jim Jones. So now I'm wondering, again, what is factually real (in this novel LOL!) and what is manufactured in Imp's mind.
Imp is definitely off her meds so now nothing she writes/says is reliable. Did she really try to drown herself in the bathtub? Was she really rescued by Abalyn? And did Abalyn really just walk away two days later? Would anyone really just walk away from someone they had just rescued from suicide without informing that person's family and therapist, or the police, at a minimum?
This is a crazy chapter to try to read, and I lost patience with it. Which, I guess, says something about how horrible it would be to actually experience this in your head. I wonder if Kiernan researched schizophrenia or if this is just her fantasy of what it might be like?
I think maybe there was no Eva Canning in July or November, and all that happened is that Imp brought a wild dog home, and Abalyn got pissed and left?

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