Characters in My Name is Red
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Author:  Aomame [ Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Characters in My Name is Red

Here is an overview of the book's characters (source: Wikpedia)

Elegant Effendi, murdered miniaturist who speaks from the afterlife to the reader in the opening chapter.

Kara (Black), miniaturist and binder. Recently returned from 12 years away in Persia. Nephew of Enishte ("Uncle").
Enishte Effendi, maternal uncle of Black, who is in charge of the creation of a secret book for the Sultan in the style of the Venetian painters
Shekure, Enishte's beautiful daughter with whom Black is in love; Shekure (related to English 'sugar' refers to Shirin, meaning 'sweet', also the name of Pamuk's mother)
Shevket, Shekure's older son (also the name of Orhan Pamuk's older brother)
Orhan, Shekure's younger son (also Pamuk's first name)
Hasan, the younger brother of Shekure's husband
Hayriye, slave girl in Enishte's household, Enishte's concubine

Master Osman, head of the Sultan's workshop of miniaturists. This character is based on NakkaƟ Osman
Butterfly, one of three miniaturists suspected for the murders. Paints figures in the book representing Death, and the Melancholy Woman
Stork, one of three suspect miniaturists. Paints the Tree and the Dog
Olive, one of three suspect miniaturists. Paints Satan and the two Dervishes

Esther, a Jewess peddler, a matchmaker, carries lovers' letters
Nusret Hoja, a Conservative Muslim leader who may be based on an historical figure, opposes coffee and coffeehouses, bawdy stories, and figurative paintings

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