On Akstons reason to strike
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Author:  Mr A [ Mon Jan 21, 2013 6:55 pm ]
Post subject:  On Akstons reason to strike

"I quit and joined and went on strike," said Hugh Alston, "because I couldn't share my profession with men who claim that the qualification of an intellectual consists of denying the existence of the intellect. People would not employ a plumber who'd attempt to prove his professional excellence by asserting that there's no such thing as plumbing -but, apparently, the same standard s of caution are not considered necessary in regards to philosophers. I learned from my own pupil,however,that it was I who made this possible. When thinkers accept those who deny the existence of thinking, as fellow thinkers of a different school of thought- it is they who achieve the destruction of the mind. They grant the enemy's basic premise..."

What he goes on to say about Dr. Pritchett after that, why didn't he fire off such intellectual ammo at him, et al., in this field then, instead of dropping all such weaponry and leaving the field altogether to them making it even more possible?
He couldn't share his profession, so he left it to them completely?
Because of his zero tolerance, he surrendered it completely?

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