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texting vs calling

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What do you prefer calling or texting?
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I prefer calling. Short, sweet, and over in a minute or so. Texting just seems so drawn out when I have to wait a fair amount of time for an answer.
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Normally I prefer calling. You send a text, then wait for the reply, which usually does not answer your question. Calling, allows resolution of the issue much faster.

There are times when I text; for example, a group message to my family or other group.
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I work nights and sleep days, and texting just works so much better for me for casual questions that don't need answering right away. Also, I can then look up the text in case I can't remember what the answer was. Calling is an interruption of someone else's day, an intrusion, perhaps welcome, perhaps not, demanding they give me their attention right now, on my time. I don't know what else they have going on in their lives, but right now they're going to talk to me, or not, and then I'll text them because no one ever checks their messages anyway :)

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