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The war was justified even without WoMD!

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Re: The war was justified even without WoMD!

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Holy shit those two posts were excellent, Steve and Monty. You've both given me so much to think about as I head off today to earn a living. The reasoning in your posts isn't being overlooked...trust me. I'm thinking.What keeps going through my mind right now is the power of information. I'll admit that I am relatively ignorant about the history and politics involved in this subject, so when I read different viewpoints that introduce new info...I absorb it. Without knowing some of the things you both have said in your posts, it is no wonder people like me remain in the dark.And therein lies the problem with democracy. How the hell do you educate the masses enough that they can make educated decisions about whom they elect into office? Life is a complex weave of relationships and interactions, and I dare say most people lack the intellect and even desire to acquire the necessary info to comprehend these important issues.I'm a prime example! I'm above average in intelligence (but not a rocket scientist by any means), but I wasn't aware of much of what the two of you introduced in your posts. There was a secret energy meeting 9 months before 9/11? Where was I? Rapped up in my own little world I suppose.I appreciate the time you two have spent in explaining things...and I'll be looking deeper into this as time permits.Chris "When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,for there you have been, and there you will always want to be."
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