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The Secret Garden: Chapters 10, 11 and 12

#59: Dec. - Jan. 2009 (Fiction)
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Better Thread Count than Your Best Linens
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I thanked you, realiz, because we well-rounded breast-feeders have to stick together.
Figuratively speaking....I could be rounder.
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Realiz wrote:
Thank you, Thomas, I was feeling a little small to average, but now I shall feel well-rounded. Ideas are mighty, but if that is all you can discuss then chances are you would have no close relationships.
Later Realiz quoted me and wrote:
figuratively speaking...I could be rounder.
:laugh: Oh, Realiz. I see you as being great to wonderful, literally and personally in every way that counts. All I have is the figurative "person" of your speech to go on, of course, and no matter what we say about ourselves online or in life, we are who we are, and each person wherever we go is going to see that person we are differently. I want to be one of the people that you know sees you as being lovely.... And I'll bet there's at least one thoughtful, dish-washing redneck of the nice variety that thinks so, too! As for my "figurative" size and shape, you notice I've decided to wax mysteriously and uncharacteristically vague.... All I'll say is, of the two of us, you're the one with the life partner who has thought you were beautiful enough to be in love with for decades. What deeper admiration could any woman want? How could your "fullness" as a woman be more affirmed? :smile:
"Where can I find a man who has forgotten the words so that I can talk with him?"
-- Chuang-Tzu (c. 200 B.C.E.)
as quoted by Robert A. Burton
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