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The Revenge of a Child

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Re: Disturbed Readers get Disturbed Readings

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Macbroo is able to hilight the crimes of his enemies, while living blissfully in denial of his own, in much the same way many American Nationalists simply cannot see the crimes committed thruought America's deadly and bloody history.And, it's really no wonder that his Nationalism is just another shade of his Fundamentalism.Thus, the Terrorists are always someone and somehwere else...never our side, our Nation, Armies, or our Religion.Our side, imperfect as it is, stands fundamentally for truth, justice, morality, and God's way of life...any mistakes are the result of flawed humans interrupting an otherwise perfect flow of holy agency.Their side, imperfect as it is, rests in the bowels of superstition and insane nihilism, wretched to the core and completely irredeemable- unwilling to accept our gracious gifts of freedom and liberty; they work to destroy the free world.Whether it be Americans who won't take responsibility for the Terrorism they commit; or Christians who can't accept the Blood on their hands; or the Jews who feel Terror is justified for their protection; or the Muslims who adopt Terrorist methods to overthrow their enemies...the whole mess stinks like hell.And, rest assured, or dont rest, these mix of ideas and actions will create a hell right here on earth.
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