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The meaning of "Love"

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Keith and Company

Re: The meaning of "Love"

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Quote:Bob doesn't see how innocent flirting, however excessive, is a problem....Is Bob immature or is Sally jealous? Maybe they are just not compatible. Your thoughts? Bob doesn't seem to understand Sally's objections to his behavior. But he persists. I think an attempt to reach understanding, at least, if not compromise, is more mature than shrugging off the concerns of a person i'm in 'love' with.If he really thinks his need/desire/comfort with flirting gives him something equal to or greater than his relationship with Sally gives him, then no, i don't think they are compatible. Relationships are either about dominance or about compromise. Reaching a common ground is far superior, IMHO, to selfishly indulging in something that actually offends a partner. At least with my wife. My mistress is a hired professional, and the nature of the relationship has established that her desires are subject to my desires. But i pay for the privledge, and the only thing i 'love' about her is how she looks in high heels and a Chinese Army Medical Aide uniform. Keith's Place
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