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The historical to-read list

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One Minute Guide to Latin American History

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Marti's One Minute Guide to the History of Latin America.Prior to the 1500's, the peoples of Latin America happily lived their lives murdering fellow citizens, attacking neighboring tribes and civilizations, holding slaves, and sacrificing individuals to appease the various gods of their religious beliefs, all without interference by outside parties. From the 1500's on, Europeans having discovered the 'New World', brought to it a new religion, new diseases, and interrupted the lives of these indigenous peoples by murdering its citizens, attacking existing civilizations, holding slaves, and sacrificing individuals who opposed them, thereby screwing up a way of life that had been working successfully for thousands of years. These interlopers availed themselves of any and all natural resources, both organic and inorganic.Twentieth century brought more Europeans as well as a new breed, Americans, who brought more diseases, murdered its citizens, attacked established groups, and sacrificed shaky but exisiting governments, thereby screwing up the new order of existance created by the first invaders. These foreigners availed themselves of what was left of the natural resources of the area.There. No need to study, you have the history of Latin America in a nutshell.Marti in Mexico
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