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Supernatural Miracles

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Re: Demands of Theism

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Frank: I am not talking about understanding the subject here, what I am telling you, is that I understand me.Well, that certainly helps make my point regarding a remarkably irrational perspective: i.e., understanding the subject of Religion is largely irrelevant when determining its value, worth, beauty, meaning, intentions, applications, etc.Still, I think a great deal of Theism involves understanding who I am: there is something about diving deep into the labyrinths of Self that gets us closer to the complexities of God. I don't think it ever really gets to the bottom of who God is, in the same way we never really reach the bottom of who I am.Frank: I did not miss it, but I felt I had endured enough of it to get the point. You say it's not enough time but ex-theists say it is.The point, as I see it, is never simply gotten...actually, the point is to be taken, gripped, seized, filled with awe, wonder, and profound gratitude. Worship involves a kind of exstasis that lifts the ego out of its shell of resentful vengeance and fearful isolation, and ignites it with a spirit of creative fire and loving compassion.Frank: How much suffering is needed before I can understand Christians?Understanding Christianity involves never losing sight of life's suffering...but I don't think it's the same thing as enduring insufferable Christians. Edited by: Dissident Heart at: 12/22/06 8:33 pm
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