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Spiritual Progressives and the Political Left: 10 Theses

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Spiritual Progressives and the Political Left: 10 Theses

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Below is a list of ten theses I've constructed from the book The Left Hand of God: Taking Back our Country from the Religious Right. In this book Lerner makes a very strong case for the power of Spiritual Progressives to rejuvenate and reconnect the Political Left to vast majority of American voters. His challenge is to build alliances between Leftists who are staunch Atheists, spiritual but not religious, and progressive religious folk. To learn more about this movement, check out the Network of Spiritual Progressives Spiritual Progressives and the Political Left: 10 Theses1. A substantial majority of Americans see spirituality as a crucial, indispensable component of the personal and public lives.2. The Political Left ignores this at their own peril.3. The Political Right exploits this toward their continued dominance.4. A potent and growing movement of Spiritual Progressives is underway.5. The Political Left needs to build alliances with these Spiritual Progressives.6. These alliances must not be opportunistic maneuvering to capture votes and expand the Political Left base.7. These alliances must be built upon intelligent political analyses and accurate understanding of important values and crucial issues in the lives of Americans.8. The Spiritual Progressives will provide a narrative, symbol system, and vision of societal injustice that will illuminate the existential crises of Americans.9. The Spiritual Progressives will provide spiritual resources of personal replenishment, communal celebration, social reconciliation, and ecological healing.10. A substantial majority of Americans will embrace a Political Left that seriously embodies the hope filled message and healing program of Spiritual Progressives.
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