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Re: speechless

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Chris's comment also gave me pause. I looked up on line who the producers were. Although I couldn't figure it out for sure, I don't think the money will be used in support of the organization that hosts Jesus Camp, or any other type of religious affiliation. The documentary was produced by its two directors (Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady). They have done a couple of these type documentaries (I haven't seen any). I do not see them attached to any religious organization. They sold it whole to a distributor. As far as I can tell they and the distributors will be the sole beneficiaries of any money that is made.As for intention, I read a piece of an interview of the organization's owner (I'm sorry I forget her name). She said it was originally introduced as a documentary to explore childhood faith and spirituality, which is why she ok'd it. Afterwards, she found it was to have more of a political focus. However, she said the documentary was viewed by herself and others in her organization before it was released. That the directors (after already having sold the documentary--therefore spending money from their own pocket), addressed the concerns they had, predominantly with the soundtrack. She said as a whole she thinks its a fair piece. As far as I know it is not an agenda-driven documentary, a la Michael Moore, but strives to be objective. And largely succeeds. Which, I imagine, means those of us who look at such indoctrination with disgust will see the horror; and, those who are oblivious, will continue to be oblivious.
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