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Spam or legitimate contribution?

Authors are invited and encouraged to showcase their NON-FICTION books exclusively within this forum.

Spam or legitimate contribution?

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Okay, so I've been making the rounds through ezboard, trying to be considerate at every board, posting only in the spam-designated forums. When there's not one available, I do my best to find the right place. It really IS a good book but I don't know that it's really worthy of discussion, per se but I figured, "What the heck, give it a shot!"ABOUT THE BOOK"Putting the Pieces Together: A Practical Guide to Recovery from Borderline Personality" is hot off the presses! This brand new book is a wonderful opportunity for you to make cash for hardly-any work and absolutely NO investment!You may read more about the book (and you can also purchase it directly from the publisher if it appeals to you or could be of use to someone you know.) It is not yet listed on Amazon.com, I'm sorry. The book may also be purchased on CD which will save on the shipping costs. The book has been truly a labor of love. I think it's been three years in the works, with the first one trying to secure a publisher and the last one in the hands of the publisher. For those of you that are fans of "The Angry Heart" I am pleased to share that Dr. Santoro read the manuscript and had some wonderful things to say about the book. The book is pretty much written for someone with Borderline -- to recognize themselves, to work on shifting their perspective, to regain control over their actions, to find happiness within themselves. This book doesn't necessarily help NONs figure out how to handle living with a Borderline person but I really think the text can help a NON better understand the BPD thought process. Like I said, the book isn't a "how-to-live-with-a-Borderline" text, having the understanding of the thought process can be a crucial component to navigating the waters and setting the boundaries necessary to maintain sanity and a sense of normalcy.I'm still working on an official marketing plan so any ideas are most certainly welcome! BECOME A SELLERThe marketing budget for "Putting the Pieces Together" is non-existent at this point and the publisher does not do any marketing or promotion. While BPDR works on contracting with a distributor to get into the large bookstore chains, we're offering incentives for regular folks (just like you!) to become advocates and sales people! Contact your local bookstore and ask them to stock "Putting the Pieces Together". When you contact us about becoming a seller, you'll be assigned a Seller Code and you will receive an email package. That package will contain a promotional flyer for the book (in MS Word format) along with a one-page handout (with your Seller Code) to give to bookstores which will instruct them how to proceed with stocking the book.For each store that signs up, you will receive $5.00 plus $0.50 per book sold by that store!Payouts are made quarterly, once the publisher releases their Quarterly Reports. Additionally, you will also be offered a Seller Page on the bpdrecovery.com website. Your Seller Page will look just like the site's "Putting the Pieces Together" page but it will be your distinct URL. Any time someone purchases a book from that URL, your Seller Account will be credited and you will receive $0.75 per book sold. Small images (buttons, button-banners) and text links will be offered to you as well so that you can easily include promotional material in your various signature lines at most discussion boards. (Coding will be provided in both HTML, ezboard codes and phpBB codes; all coding will be copy-and-paste ready.) (Thanks for the spamming space!)
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