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Sept. 2001 - The dark side of philosophy

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Sept. 2001 - The dark side of philosophy

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This thread is for discussing Massimo Pigliucci's Rationally Speaking article entitled The dark side of philosophy (pizza & philosophy series).Quote:N. 14, September 2001The dark side of philosophy (pizza & philosophy series)Pizza and philosophy make for a good combination. You might want to try it sometimes. I occasionally have these evenings of food for the brain and the stomach with a few friends, some of them actual philosophers, some simply willing to explore and question whatever topic was chosen for the gathering. These discussions occasionally offer me the launching point for one of these columns, as in the case of the "Red or Blue?" one on the rationality of preferring harsh truths to pleasant lies (Rationally Speaking n. 9, April 2001). Recently our group met again to discuss what one could refer to as "the dark side of philosophy." The starting question is simple: if philosophy is, as the ancient Greeks called it, the "love of wisdom," should we expect practicing philosophers to be
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