IV. The Transformation of the Medieval Era

#79: Feb. - March 2010 (Non-Fiction)
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This thread is for discussing IV. "The Transformation of the Medieval Era."
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I skipped over the early Christian era. Augustine has been a difficult read for me. Probably because of his views on the flesh. Ockham came as a surprise to me. He basically killed Plato and the mysticism he represented. The victory of Aristotle was the victory of the spiritual bean counters. This from a Franciscan!
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I found the chapter on the Scientific Revolution really exciting. Tarnas writes this section like all of these different people were putting together pieces of a puzzle until the Newtonian-Cartesian cosmology was complete. It kind of reminded me of my studies in college. So many of these philosophies and ideas are a huge discussion between many different people. Academia and learning is so communal. And that is really exciting to me. :)
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