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Question for Authors and Readers

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Question for Authors and Readers

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Hello Friends!

I just stumbled onto booktalk.org and super excited to be here! I had a couple questions for Authors as wells as Readers!

Authors, what are some of the biggest issues you face after you've written you book? Is it audience? Distribution? Marketing? etc. Also, what are some ways you've monetized your following and if you had the opportunity would you? I've seen some Authors using Patreon but not many. What are some ways that you provide extra content/services for your readers?

Readers, do you find it difficult to connect with your favorite Authors? If given the opportunity would subscribe or pay to maybe have a Video chat with them, pay for unreleased content, join a private book club, get early releases? What are some of the biggest issues you face as a Reader?

Thanks for listening and I look forward to any replies! :)
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Re: Question for Authors and Readers

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As an independent author, I've seen the two sides of online self-publishing.

Some online platforms were so bad, I gave them all up. I've a new system in place now and feel it'll be good as I'll have more control of where things go to.

I stumbled onto Book talk dot org myself, in a search for a forum all about books where I could safely speak about my love of reading and writing.

Therefore, I'd have to say, as author: audience, getting discovered and having security online.

As a reader/editor, I used to be very busy, doing beta-reading and occasionally I offered the services of proofreading, correcting grammar, editing and enhancing other authors' work, at their request.

I'm still in touch with a very good author friend from the days of old platform, which has been closed down ages now, Google Plus.

We continue to sound off ideas and designs such as new book covers and video trailers. Therefore, I'd love to expand this circle.

Yours in ink,
"Writing is the painting of the voice."
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Re: Question for Authors and Readers

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Biggest Issues After Writing a Book:
Audience Building: Reaching the right audience can be challenging, especially for new authors without an established following.
Distribution: Finding effective channels to distribute books, both physical and digital, can be complicated.
Marketing: Creating effective marketing strategies to promote the book and make it stand out in a crowded market.
Monetizing a Following:
Patreon: Some authors use Patreon to offer exclusive content, early access to new works, personalized messages, or behind-the-scenes looks at their writing process.
Merchandise: Selling branded merchandise related to their books.
Workshops and Courses: Offering writing workshops, courses, or one-on-one coaching sessions.
Signed Copies: Providing signed copies of their books or limited edition prints.
Providing Extra Content/Services:
Exclusive Short Stories or Bonus Chapters: Offering additional stories or chapters not available in the main book.
Personalized Interactions: Hosting Q&A sessions, video chats, or personalized shout-outs.
Private Book Clubs: Creating exclusive book clubs where readers can discuss the book directly with the author.
Early Releases: Providing early access to new books or chapters before they are officially released.
Readers tiny fishing
Connecting with Favorite Authors:
Accessibility: Sometimes it’s challenging to find ways to interact with authors beyond social media comments or public events.
Engagement: Readers might wish for more meaningful or personal interactions than what is typically available.
Willingness to Pay for Exclusive Content:
Video Chats: Many readers would value the opportunity to have a video chat with their favorite authors, offering a chance for more personal engagement.
Unreleased Content: Readers often appreciate getting access to unreleased or exclusive content that delves deeper into the worlds they love.
Private Book Clubs: Joining private book clubs led by authors can be appealing, providing a more intimate setting for discussion and engagement.
Early Releases: Having early access to new releases is highly attractive to avid fans.
Biggest Issues Faced as a Reader:
Finding Reliable Reviews: Ensuring that book reviews are trustworthy and reflective of their tastes.
Engagement Opportunities: Limited opportunities to engage with authors beyond purchasing their books.
Availability of Books: Difficulty in accessing certain books, whether due to regional restrictions or limited distribution channels.
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