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My Short Story

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My Short Story

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atmosphere is a rapper slug and a producer ant

'yo. yo clay. 2 tickets to atmosphere.' 'word. its gonna be sick.' 'ya man. cats cradle. da illest venue in chapel hill.' 'def. yo lets get some acid.' 'L $ Dizzle. i wanna trip.' ya man. homeys fo life.'

clay and eagle have been best friends since kindergarden. they smoked their first joint together. now they are seniors in high school in chapel hill, north carolina, with no plans as far as what to do with their life. 'fuck it,' they say. 'its all about sex, drugs, and rap.' a mantra derived from their hippy parents who were known for 'sex, drugs, and rock and roll.' their parents are chill, but the cops in chapel hill are not. plus clay is half mexican, so he is targeted. he even wrote a rap lyric: 'im a peaceful kid, but i gotta bust back.' thats why clay and eagle got a gat.

clay and eagles homey koi has his own apartment. koi and rain are bumping atmosphere.

'I wear my scars like the rings on a pimp
I live life like the captain of a sinking ship
The one thing that I can guarantee
I'm like a stepping razor, I suggest you stay fair with me
Been payin' dues for a decade plus
Before that I was just another face on the bus
Tappin' my foot, to the beat on the radio
Dreamin' 'bout the mic and the money and the ladies
Oh mom, I promise I'm gonna be large
Someday I'm gonna stop tryin' to borrow your car
Gonna go far, with charisma and skill
Until they put my face on a million dollar bill' - slug

'yo,' said rain. 'i got a text from eagle, their picking up doses.' 'cool,' said koi, as he pets his new lil puppy. 'doge wishes he could drop acid, lol.' the pup is named doge after doge bitcoin. koi declares that doge is da key 2 da universe. 'anyways,' said rain. 'lets roll out, i have 2 cop an ounce from thuggy.' thuggy is da local drug dealer. hes a year older cuz he was held back a year, but he claims that he was traveling on foot thru central america smoking pcp and petting mad jaguars and s***. anyways, he also has no prospects for life, or does he. hes a drug dealer. maybe thuggy is the one who has his life together. *shrugs*

'atmosphere! omg. i cant wait. lets do X!' trip$tar is the coolest girl at earth high school. she does drugs, shes exuberant and nice, shes even at the top of the class. without a doubt, shes going to the show.

'yo chill.' 'yo.' chill is considered a genius. hes NOT at the top of the class, but hes always dropping knowledge. 'did u know that marijuana and bud like has the capability to solve all of earths problems. if everybody got high they would all see thru the bulls*** of politics and think deep thus rendering corruption absolved and absolutely abolished via a peoples movement, not in the streets necesarily, but on the fucking internet, man.. anyways, im getting high and going to da atmosphere show.' 'word up homey,' said 9. 'im out. bout to deliver this ninja piece [a gat] to clay + eagle.' 'peeaccee.'

'no bullys,' 9 said. 'ya,' said eagle. 'thats the whole point, right.' 'ya. with a gat u can smoke a evil kid w/ out bullets.' 'how does it tap into dat frequency,' said clay. 'i dont know, its a dope concept tho.' ya, def.' 'who u gonna smoke?' 'nobody.' 'haha. ite.'

'To all my killers and my hundred dollar billers
To emo kids that got too many feelings' - slug

'lets get blunted, keep it one hunid,' clay raps in eagle's jeep. 'come get fronted, makin my money.' 'haha. lets make moves.' said eagle. eagle and clay are meeting up w/ koi + rain to cop a ounce of bud from thuggy.

'sup my g$. got dem money trees,' raps thuggy. koi hands him da money. 'u know how it is, im out w/ my biz. pace.' 'aight,' said clay. 'now we need get the acid from trip$tar.' 'is she selling it?' 'na shes like getting it from her parents.' 'oh lol. thats cool.'

'yo! ill bring it to the show! peace homeys!' trip$tar hangs up the phone. she pulls a baggy out of her desk and drops a blue pill. ' i love u, extacy :)'

'Got trees and vegetation in the city I stay
The rent's in the mail and I can always find a parking space' - slug

'u know what my fav lyric is?' - chill
'what' - a kid named Art
'as the earth gets further and further way, planets as small as balls of clay.'
'thats dope.'
ya, its like existentialism. as we remove ourselves from society, yet further hack the planet thru da interwebs, were initially creationists molding and changing the population thru thought and message. as we distance our selves from normal life, we are in fact changing the world without blinking. and its ill, i feel like a wizard. - chill
wizards are ill, man - art

'i wonder if 'dem boyz' are gonna be at the show.' - clay
damn, azn hates dem. - eagle. azn is everybodys friend, and of course, hes asian. basically everybodys friend. theres a kid named Q who rivals clay. rivals at soccer, rivals at hustling in da streets. rivals in that Q likes trip$tar like clay. Q also has a click, not of locals, but of a bunch of rich kids from a private school in new jersey. azn keeps it real, not a phan of 'dem boyz'. azn is meeting clay, eagle, koi, rain, at the show. oh and trip$tar :). they call their click 'dope kid hu$tle gat killuz'. thuggy says theyre his favorite customors. he says that clay has the brightest future as a drug dealer..

they have more homies. a kid named dancing moon and his best friend afrika. 2 druggys from the west coast. azn's best friend is also from out of state, another asian kid named ill. ill always has the illest tech, new phones, computers, etc. 9 and ill share an apartment.
'niggaz cant fuk w/ me in madden' - 9. *puts down his xbox controller*
'whatever. elves cant fuk w/ me in elder scrolls' - ill

'I ain't drank a forty since I became old enough to drink
Not caught up in what the fuck these people think
Cause when I die they're gonna find the missing link
But tonight I'm gonna vomit in the kitchen sink' - slug

clay is bright. in school they always used to say he could become the president of the united states. problem is, he never had anything close to the ambition required to become that successful. he likes drugs, friends, music, soccer. what else. 'livin' he would say. only hes the kid who od'd. he didnt die of course, but it changed him forever. it also changed the whole community. everyone loves clay, and their ok with his drug use, but nobody could imagine living life without their 'buddha' as they call him. he wrote a lyric. 'if i died, would u miss me, im off deez drugs and my bills = crispy. i hustle like nipsey. im a hippy kid dat gets $ like a gypsy.' u can see why trip$tar likes him :D

'Enough to hold you to the brightest of lights' - trip$tar writes the slug lyric in her notebook. 'To place you dangerously close to that sun'
'I love you, don't ever fucking question that'

yo. i got u. - clay gets off the phone. 'lil trig and uno bout to come thru'
'cool' - eagle

whatup, kidz - eagle
what up! we want a quarter, but we also heard u could get PCP from thuggy. for real?
ya, said clay.. ive literally been thinking about smoking wet b4 da show. yall going?
atmosphere? ya, were rolling deep. we talked to block and hes gonna let us bring in bluntz n s***, no worries.
haha, cool! - clay. 'block is such a good homey'. block is a bouncer at cats cradle that always looks out for the local youth. 'eaglez' block even coined the term for clay, eagle, and their crew. 'dope kid hu$tle gat killuz' is tight, but u need a more succint alias, he told them. WORD. eaglez = hu$tlaz.

clay's favorite drug 2 sell is actually molly. molly is cocaine + heroin in a cap. he calls it dope. he also calls his and his friends lil rap group 'dope kids' - a shoutout to using and selling molly. clay dreams that when him and koi dorm together at unc chapel hill next year he can be a big weed + molly dealer. he clearly has potential, as thuggy says.

a couple hours later.. koi and rain roll up to the club in koi's parents brand new BMW X5. 9 + ill + azn walked from their apt. they get in da beamer 4 a smoke sesh.
'u kno, clay and eagle could make it as rappers, i feel like.' - azn 'ya, maybe one day theyll be at cats cradle'. - ill
clay and eagle roll up. the beamer kids hop out. they get in line. a kind of bummy dude motions to them, like what up! 'yo dont even bother checking the show, dude is talentless..' then he walked off smoking a cig. 'haha' says 9. was THAT slug?' 'ya, he told us not to bother checking the show, lol' - ill 'wtf' - azn. trip$tar shows up.. ok homeys, open your hands.. 'what is it?' - 9
'gummy bears!' 'u get a red one, ill, u get a green one, eagle, u get a blue one azn, here u go 9 and koi, and clay, omg, urs is the one w/ the head cut off dangling from the body. oh no. haha whatevs its still the same dosage! 'cool' - clay.

eagle is on the phone with thuggy. 'ya, we want it'. hes talking about PCP. deez kids have never done it, thuggy claims that its like moonwalking w/ a psychadelic trip. thuggy literally rolls right up to the line in his volvo right as theyre closing business on da phone, thuggy handlez his biznezz on time like dat. 'yo' - eagle. 'what u need, 5 dips' '7, chill + art are gonna come 2' 'ite. here u go, enjoy da flow' thuggy raps.. 'paz, paz'

'yo eaglez..' block says what up. trip$tar says 'hold out your palm, ill read it' he does. she giggles and gives him a orange gummy bear. he drops it a chews it right there. 'u always rock the most exquisite gangsta clothes, block' says trip$tar. 'haha, thx'. aight, lets head out back says clay and eagle.

its starting to get crowded. the kids head out back to breathe a lil and find the magical time to smoke their dipped cigs. eagle gets off the phone with chill, chill + art are in line at the bar getting illegal drinkz. time to smoke pcp.
'awaken ye knights of l$d' - trip$tar chants
'for it is thee who have been summoned'
'by the drug dealers spirit'
'to burn one down'
'in the name of Atmosphere'
'on your mark, get set, get wet'
clay, eagle, koi, 9, ill, chill, and art.. blaze up their cigs.
a cypher is building outside the club in the garden out back. clay's wi$e eye$ notice a pink cloud of smoke. its Q. he's vaping, hes known for pink smoke, and his rap name = pink polo. this kid is RICH. its trippy man. dancing moon and afrika are talking to Q. 'yo i heard u got a record deal' - d.m. 'ya its cuz my flows are the tightest. everybody knows that' 'right, right. skillz pay da billz - afrika. 'ayo' - d.m. + afrika peel away from the in crowd. 'eagle. i heard u were getting a gat. for real?' 'ya'. 'yo my bad i couldnt bring it earlier but its at the pad' - says 9. 'well lets go get it' says moon. 'block will let us back in' - afrika 'word lets go' - koi.

now the wet is kicking in. da eaglez are starting to trip and fell weightless and they walk the few blocks to ill + azn'z apartment. 2 cops drive by. slowly. 9 pulls his fitted down over his eyes. 'omg. da devil'. the cops pass without incident, but they pull into cats cradle. the eaglez walk up the apartment complex, more cops in the parking lot. 'jesus christ' says 9. 'jesus didnt die for us so cops could arrest us for drugs' - clay. pigs - eagle. 'aight, lets get the gat' - ill. 'ya so we can smoke a f***ing pig' - azn. 'haha word' - 9

eagle grips the piece like he just pulled the sword out of the stone. 'this gat, is now my clip. im in da u.s. navy. this piece is a colt. i rep colts.
they sneak out the other side of the parking lot, eagle with his new gat in the belt of his baggy jeans. these kids are over the moon now. 'call afrika and moon. tell them we got da treasure, see what it looks like getting back in the club' 'ite'
moon and afrika are hanging out with block. thuggy is in the parking lot bumping atmos from his vo. mad kids around. da eaglez head str8 to da back, to the outside part of the venue, where trip$tar is at, dancing moon + afrika follow them. Q is talking to trip$tar, but when he sees clay he approaches him like 'trip$y thinks u can out rap me'. 'dawg, trip$y is my name 4 her.' - clay 'whatever, im the winner all day' - Q raps 'but..' says trip$tar, clay chimes in 'lights get dimmer down biggies hallway'. Q is overcome with a sick facial expression, but says, 'ya, but not if u wrote ur own s***'. 'well, lets work on dat' - clay, since Q was also quoting da notorious b.i.g.. eagle feels like his new gat is pulsing with intention and destiny.. dancing moon whispers to him, i wanna see it' the kids walk around the corner dumfounded by the drugs and the gat, while trip$tar and clay walk back in to get illegal drinkz at da bar. 'u know u can win easy. u got flows, my g' - trip$y.

the 2 lovebirds walk back outside, theres a scene at the corner with the eaglez and block, block is saying they cant keep the piece in here, eagle is arguing that its a gat and it is HOW they will 'keep da piece in here' so clay anties up and says to block, 'what if i hold it, im mexican.' 'u are da loco 1, my g. ite, if killa clay holds the gat then we wont ALL get in trouble, peace be with u'. 'word' - eagle

Q walks up, confident dat hes da confidant
'yo son, lets battle'
clays pupils are now 2 planetary orbs, crucial with the destiny of buddha. 'ite'
'ill go 1st, since im gonna finish in 1st' - Q

..im the best rapper, theres no way u can win
ill get the girl, even if shes ur twin
yo thats what i heard, i stay on da phone
i one up u like attack of the clones.. - Q

*trip$tar bows clay a kiss*

ite dog, lets flow, 4 da keys 2 da castle
i hustle,

..yo, im da 1, of da underground
i sell smoke, u under my cloud
if i sell another pound
i can get rich
but its all about skillz
not abercombie and fitch.. - clay

*all his homeys cheer* + *dap*
*Q's click gets loud* 'clearly Q won!'
'im the best ever' - Q 'fuck u and ur twin sister'

'na dog'.. smooth as clay, clay pulls out da gat
'what u want now, homey' trip$tar gaspz
'i rep eaglez and colts, kid'
Q puts his hands up
#KILLA - clay speakz up
*pullz da trig*
*da gat goes buck*
appropriatly, Q'z body *SLUGZ* 2 da floor
block holds everybody back as eagle + clay tapdance around Q's now dead body and begin 2 cripwalk
its da ille$t s*** thats ever happened

u can here the live music of ATMOSPHERE coming thru the speakers

'Why scream, when you can lose yourself inside the widescreen
Let life be a bowl of melted ice cream
Or be the deer that's caught in my high beams
I'm rolling with the brights on
Scared stiff, reality is just too much to bear with
Paranoid, walking around, careless
No wonder you're in love with your therapist
Go to sleep my little time bomb' - slug
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