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Murmur reviews short stories

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Re: Murmur reviews short stories

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I read some online critiques of The Night Land. It looks like people really dislike it a lot. The stuff I read reminded me of some of the flaws in The Night Land which are:
  • Hodgson was tediously repetitive in parts. This is true.
  • Hodgson included fiddly details in parts where he didn't need to. This is true.
  • Hodgson used a fake, archaic-sounding language. This is true, but I liked it.
  • Naani acted too childish and playful when she was trekking with the hero back to the Last Redoubt. This seemed weird to me. Hodgson did indeed write that she was playful and silly on the way to the Last Redoubt, but I forgave it by thinking that life must go on. Even though she was miserable at the time that she was rescued, people can't stay miserable every second of the day. Also, her age was not stated; she may have been a teenager, meaning that she may have been immature and acted innapropriately. Of course, it could just be poor writing on Hodgson's part.
The name of Naani's home was the Lesser Redoubt, not the Little Redoubt like I had misremembered.

Even with The Night Land's flaws, I still really like it. I'm going to reread it some day.
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