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Publishers Marketplace Buzz Books & Goodreads Giveaway

Share your current reading list, your impressions of the books, and whether you'd recommend them to fellow community members. Authors, please do NOT post in this forum.
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Publishers Marketplace Buzz Books & Goodreads Giveaway

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A few weeks back I received an ARC for this literary horror novel, and I just saw that it's one of the Goodreads Giveaways (for the next few days) so wanted to share the link: https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show ... he-deading

The Deading is something really special. It's a terrifying book but somehow also deeply beautiful, poetic, creepy and troubling. I love the writer's voice--his lyrical prose, and the way it made me feel like I was marinating in nature. One of those rare books you can read just for a scare, or read for its deeper themes of identity, power--and the changing of our climate. Gawd it's good.

I'm in Canada so I can't sign up for this giveaway but I wanted share the link for an Americans out there looking for something great to read. (Kensington is giving away 100 print copies!!)

Oooh--and also it's one of the Buzz Books, I saw: https://buzz.publishersmarketplace.com. There are four chapters of it available for free. And Stephen Graham Jones has even blurbed it!!

I'm really hoping to find someone who has read four free chapters on the free Publishers Marketplace "Buzz Books" document I mentioned. Bah, I'm dying to talk to someone about it. Has anyone here read it yet?
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Re: Publishers Marketplace Buzz Books & Goodreads Giveaway

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Thank you very much for recommending this website, I will definitely check it out and enjoy exploring its content! :appl:
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