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Divided We Fall - Chapters 11 - 15

#181: April - June 2022 (Non-Fiction)
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Re: Divided We Fall - Chapters 11 - 15

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Mr. Tulip wrote:The really interesting thing about geoengineering is that it requires alliance with fossil fuel industries and will enable delay in the shift to renewable energy. Since those are things that even the wacky right support, it is likely the mainstream right will see the sense in supporting a climate policy that can actually secure stable weather while also supporting economic stability and avoiding social and economic disruption. It is a way to force Q-Anon back into its hole.
It's difficult for me to imagine that is true, but I hope you are correct!
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Re: Divided We Fall - Chapters 11 - 15

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Although I have not managed to find the time to read French's book, I intend to and have had it recommended by friends. I just want to jump in with a word or two based on commentary following Trump's latest contretemps with highly classified documents having been kept at Mar-a-Lago even after specific requests to give them back.

David Brooks in the NYTimes observed that DJT has been to some extent revived by the scandal, with the Rabid Right getting incensed about the FBI "attack." His interpretation made a lot of sense to me: that Trump has made it a party about grievance (not that this would be such a distorted characterization of any reactionary movement.) Brooks says your status in today's Republican Party is determined by who your enemies are. If you can piss off liberals and mainstream media you must be really standing up for what they believe.

Thing is, it is remarkably easy to form a coalition of grievance. The social conservatives are aggrieved about gay marriage and abortion (and maybe the New Atheism). The racist right is aggrieved about Obama, Obamacare and the coming white minority status. And the Blue Wall collapse represents a reaction to free trade and "globalism", and the overwhelming tide of Chinese imports that wiped out factories and communities all over the Midwest. I would argue the grievance of displaced male privilege is another significant factor, and polls show much of the Latino gains for the Republican party are among Latino men who resent feminism.

But while Trump is masterful at evoking grievance and pushing those buttons, it is exactly his confrontational, divisive approach that both turns out massive numbers of angry, aggrieved voters who would normally stay at home, and at the same time turns out massive numbers of voters turned off (and often scared, like me) by him.
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