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Space telescopes and god.

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John Windo
Getting Comfortable
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Space telescopes and god.

The launch and placement of the James Webb "super telescope" is giving us some remarkable images of space. As we marvel at those brilliant vistas of space dust and stars, we're told that the scale of the views we're seeing can be represented by imagining a grain of sand on the tip of a finger held out at arm's length...

Evidently, in space, there's a lot of room to move.

And if we could travel those unspeakable distances, and if we came to a place where absolutely no dust, smoke, particles, or even atoms were floating, there would still be an empty space where those objects could go!

As far as I'm concerned, that means that the universe is infinite. It has no ending. Anywhere.

How can that be?

This is why I'm agnostic. I think it's just as foolish to boldly declare that there is a god, as to confidently declare that there isn't.
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