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Looking for World-building Software

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Looking for World-building Software

I am writing a science-fiction novel (actually a trilogy) centered around the discovery, exploration and settlement of an extra-solar planet. I am trying to make it as scientifically accurate as possible. In doing so, I am looking for software that would help me describe the planet - continents, oceans, mountain ranes, etc. I have looked on the Internet, but what I have found so far seems mostly related to gamer stuff. I would like somthing more science based. I am fairly computer literate, but not a programmer or anything. I have a two-year old computer, fairly state of the art, with 500 gb storage (about 400 gb available), using Windows 7. I would prefer freeware, but would not be adverse to a reasonably priced program. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
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Re: Looking for World-building Software

How far are you along with this trilogy?
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