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There is something wrong with this white race 
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Post Re: There is something wrong with this white race
So why aren't I talking about the blacks who have beaten up or killed Asians or why not mention the Latin perps who also have done this? Why should I? These are the people that whites always tell me are inherently violent, barbaric, uncivilized, etc. These are the people whites tell me I should EXPECT to engage in this savagery. Yet, the white violators outnumber both groups and I get no explanation why that makes sense. Because when you tell me those other people are savages, that they'll kill you at the drop of a hat, etc., you are also saying that I should have no expectation that YOUR people act like that. But YOUR people ARE acting like that and in far greater numbers.

So, it comes down to that double standard that drives white privilege: when they do it, it's because they are subhuman savages but when WE do it, it's because we are being forced to have to defend our way of life and our heritage! It's the Southern rationalization applied all across the U.S. and so, yes, this racist cancer has spread to all of white society. White supremacy is now mainstream. That is NOT to say that ALL whites are engaging in it. Many are, in fact, forced to deal with family members who have bought into this idiocy and I have the greatest sympathy for them. That has to be tough. Imagine your brother goes off the deep end with this crap and then you see him in a surveillance video somewhere punching a 78-year-old man in the face and you know you have to turn him in before he hurts another person. Then when you do, your own mother disowns you because "How could you do that to your own brother?? I don't care about some fucking chink!" That has to be terrible.

But with that said, whites as a whole have a problem--it's called hypocrisy. "I'm sick of blacks playing the race card! That's all they do is play the race card!" So voting for a white racist because he's someone "who is finally sticking up for white people" isn't playing the race card????

And the denial that white privilege exists is utterly disingenuous. I hear guys at work saying, "I get up and I go to work everyday and I earn my pay and I pay my bills and my taxes and nobody helps me. Where's the white privilege??" That's NOT what the white privilege argument is about. White privilege is that there are black people who get up earlier than you and have to work twice as hard for less pay doing the same job and their annual earnings are far less than their white counterparts. But somehow, they have no right to complain about it or they are playing the race card. But are they? No, they are not. From a CNN Money article: "Recent college graduates with less than ten years of work experience also saw gaps in earnings by race. Black women with a bachelor's degree alone were paid 10.7% less than white women, while black men with the same credentials were paid 18% less than their white counterparts."

And you can roll your eyes and mutter, "Only an idiot listens to anything CNN says." But it makes no difference because it is still an undeniable fact that blacks earn not only less but FAR less than whites doing the same jobs. Not only are there numerous exhaustive studies that prove it but I have seen it myself in the workplace. I have seen it myself and I KNOW it happens. THAT is white privilege yet millions of ordinary whites not only believe there is no such thing, they get red-faced angry if anyone contradicts them. Why? It's probably tied to statistics as 58% of whites voting for Trump in the last two elections while only 43% voted for Obama in '08 and only 39% in '12.

Asians suffer in the workplace as well. There is an Asian glass ceiling that's hard to deny when you see how few Asians there are in top management positions. Figure it. Asians supposedly work hard, study hard, get the best grades, go to the best colleges, have degrees out the yin-yang and yet where are all those Asian CEOs and managers at? When I was in the service, I had no Asian officers on my ship--not one. I saw a few Filipino chiefs. Glass ceiling is usually associated with limits on female advancement. I never even heard of a female chief. Never saw one. Saw a decent number of female officers but no chiefs--anywhere. So, if white women suffer that badly from a glass ceiling, imagine how bad it has to be for Asian women to go anywhere. She has two glass ceilings above her head. So now you know why so many Asian women in this country marry white men. She won't go anywhere as Mrs. Chang but she might if she's Mrs. Chang-Wilson, if you get my drift.

So this is the state of things in which the anti-Asian violence is happening. It's the societal broth that is being stirred by the pandemic and this is the result.

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