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Ethan Templeton Awakens The All-Seeing Eye 
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Post Ethan Templeton Awakens The All-Seeing Eye
Ethan Templeton Awakens the All-Seeing Eye. The characters within the book are master players, having gifts given to them from the Universe to help keep the natural order upon Earth. One by one, the evil Watchers of Time takes them away from the Universe. Within the quest that Ethan is on, he will stumble upon them and help put things right in the world again, allowing the gifts to be placed back into the Universe.
Ethan Templeton Awakens The All-Seeing Eye will captivate your mind. From start to finish, you will feel like you're in a thrilling rollercoaster ride. The beginning of this inspiring story introduces Ethan Templeton and the simple life he has. Ethan and his parents Scott and Willa Templeton, are on their annual visit to Uncle Phil and Auntie Myra’s Inn in the countryside. (Called: Pipe's Creek-Farm, located in the town of Aurora) Ethan will soon meet a cowboy named Bobby McClain, and his Clydesdale horse, Big Gus, that will become an inspirational ride of remembrance.
The second chapter: Ethan is guided to an abandoned house where strange things start to happen. A loud flickering sound starts to echo through the room. It becomes more like a static sound, thinking to himself, “No, it’s more like a radio that has lost its station,” as he walks slowly around the room, looking everywhere to find the source, but no such luck in finding it. He yells, “Who’s here? What is going on? Show yourself?” And the All-Seeing Eye starts to communicate with him, changing his life forever. As they get acquainted with one another, the All-Seeing Eye tells Ethan about his existence in how he came to be, which then brings a story of King Nathanael with the characters; Nathanael, Ellis, and Jacob, the two boys that Nathanael rescues.
In the third chapter, Ethan wants to go swimming. “It is hot out. Maybe I could go for a swim,” Ethan replies, thinking that would be fun. “Is there anywhere close that I can go swimming?” Ethan asks, adding, “I think an awesome swimming hole to cool off in, would help me feel better. Oh, and maybe some kids to swim with while I’m there?” (Ethen does not know that they are all 1984 Olympic swimmers that the All-Seeing Eye place there to watch over him) And their characters would be Mike, Bruce, Theresa, Tiffany, David, and Geoff.
The fourth chapter goes more into the story of Nathanael with these characters, Matthew, and Joshua, the boys' dads, also a man named Lance. Then we start to meet the people from the city of Hittites. Starting with Hakeem, the overseer of the kingdom of Hittites. Princess Arinna and her maidens, who Nathanael saves, and King Mursilis, the King of Hittites.
Ethan starts his work with the All-Seeing Eye to find the strong ones. He hears, “Stop! Please, no!” There was a long pause, then a loud yell of panic crying as it pleads, “Please! Please! Let it be ok!” Then next came a scream, “Someone, help us!” It was so loud that it makes Ethan panic instantly, which brings the first set of main characters in the story. Nora Gomez and Carter Riggs. Carter finds a secret file and needs Nora's help in solving it.
Ethan gets a day at the skate park. (But not with just anyone! Six of the best skateboard Pros out there! The All-Seeing Eye makes sure Ethan learns how to skateboard right.) Ethan speaks excitedly, “Oh yeah, they make such awesome skate parks nowadays! There are all kinds of ramps for jumps or tricks, and rails to grind your board on.” Then with a big smile, he says, “Totally cool!” The characters as Danny introduces them to Ethan is Damon, Danny’s brother, Kevin, Steve, Billy, and Tony will help him learn all the tricks of the trade.
The Universe makes itself known. The wind grows stronger as the rain pours down. Ethan looks up at the sky, hoping for an answer. The thunder rumbled in the rhythm of the lightning! It was so overpowering that it would scare anyone! Now soaked by the rain, Ethan tells himself, “Enough!” and gets to his feet, thinking he must make a stand for himself. He needs to show that he was not afraid, and looks to the sky yelling boldly, “I am not afraid!” Suddenly the rain stops, along with the wind, lightning, and thunder. It became dead silent! Then from the sky came a roar of thunder that sounded just like the words, “I AM!”
All stories need their villains, and in this story, they are Watchers of Time. “Patience, Mr. Grant!” Mr. Steins states boldly, adding, “This could bring us a new advantage!” Now looking into Mr. Grant’s eyes, an evil smile forms on Mr. Grant’s face. Mr. Steins’ and Mr. Grant’s minds connect, now forming the possibility of a good opportunity to come from this situation. “Yes, yes!” Mr. Grant replies, peering into Mr. Steins’ eyes, they come to an understanding of what to do next! Mr. Steins dismissed him with a look. The right-hand man is Mr. Grant, the main villain is Mr. Steins, with the brilliant Dr. Bradshaw working for him.
Ethan has an out of body experience as his mind floats away to a different place in time. He awakes to an older man talking to him. Ethan could hear himself say, “What did you say, Poppa?” as he looks around at his surroundings. Ethan sees that he is lying in the middle of a field on a hilltop, finding himself looking up into the night sky, filled with stars. An older man is talking to him. Questioning himself, where is he, and who is this man next to him? Ethan now meets the characters Poppa and Pablo that will make Ethan question Dr. Bradshaw's true identity.
Ethan listens for who is coming and hears a woman’s voice, scolding someone, echoing down the hallway as it gets closer towards his room. He opens the door all the way. Turns and heads to the bed, sitting down so he could listen to what they were saying. It was a nurse, who was scolding, a young boy as they walk to his room. She was telling him, “You need to keep trying. You can’t just give up like that!” They stop at the door beside Ethan’s room. She unlocks the door to let the boy in as Ethan quickly goes to the door to peek-out to see what they are doing. The boy answers back, saying, “Yes, Nurse Gracie, I will try harder next time,” in a sad tone. Characters from the Center: Nurse Gracie, Nurse Eden, and Frederick.
Ethan asks, “Why are these people here in this room?” Dr. Bradshaw smiles at Ethan and says, “Their minds are my communication for sanity.” “I don’t understand?” Ethan questions, “Can you explain it to me?” he inquisitively asks Dr. Bradshaw. He stops what he is doing and walks over to where Kira’s body lies. He strokes her hair softly. He tells Ethan how it came about, “It starts here with Ms. Beauvoir.” Ethan watches Dr. Bradshaw as he speaks about her. Ethan could feel the love that the doctor had toward her as he tells him. “She came to me when she was just 21 years old. I was instantly infatuated with her. Her beauty and the way she could persuade people, I could not resist her! I fell desperately in love with her, though I never showed it to her. You see, I have never had time for love, as my work was the most important thing in my life. Oh, but her! Somehow she got all the way into my soul!” The characters of the Beautiful Mind Room starts with, John Slate, he had worked for CSI solving crimes and is given the life he always wanted. Bruce Campobello is a chemist that later becomes a star in the Universe. Edward Luger a cop and becomes a star within the Universe. Francis McNown is a Psychic and goes on to join the Universe, helping it. Beverly Martin is a doctor and had the gift to find any cure for sickness, but her gift is needed in the Universe and taken back so she may start a new life. Alexander Landenberg a detective and agrees to become a star to help the Universe. Margaret Freeman, a great writer, with her stories she could change people’s lives. Her new life becomes about teaching young children around the world to write stories. Kenny McCormick, a doctor/scientist in medicine. He gives up his gift to become his favorite bird and flies away to live. Harry Ginaman is psychokinetic and helps Ethan learn this ability before he leaves to join the Universe in the crusade. Marcus Antonio was one of the best engineers in his field, but he was misused for his work, so the Universe has mercy upon him and makes him a star within the Universe. Nora Gomez is an FBI agent that goes on to help Ethan with his quest. Kira Beauvoir is a student-intern that works with Dr. Bradshaw and becomes the love of his life.
The kitchen door opens just a crack. Ethan becomes curious and gets up to look, as he touches the handle, it opens for him to see a different place in time. A time that Ethan was not familiar with as he sees a young man that looks just like Carter, and a man that looks like Mr. Grant approaching him. The man that looked like Mr. Grant calls the other man “Aristotle’s, I think you have dropped these,” Mr. Grant tells the man that looks like Carter, holding some papers in his hands, “May I have a look?” Gesturing to the papers that he had picked up. The young man states, “Please, Heraclitus! Tell me what you think.” Ethan repeats, “Heraclitus?” questioning, “But, I’m sure that’s Mr. Grant,” as he watches. This man Heraclitus calls the young man, “Philosopher!” Then takes hold of him by the shoulders and whispers into his ear, “You will become Plato, a Greek Philosopher!” The young man seems frozen as this man Heraclitus tells him this. In doing so, Heraclitus cuts the young man’s hand, then tells him, “I’m sorry, let me help you,” as he hands him a rag. Ethan notices that Heraclitus had stopped time to catch some of the man’s blood in a vial before giving the rag to the young man. Then he hides it away before yelling to the people to gather around, “Listen, for this is Plato, a true philosopher!” He states, adding, “Please let him read these papers he has written,” and then gestures for him to read from his papers. The door then calls Ethan back. Characters of pass time: Aristotle, who becomes Plato, and Heraclitus.
The room rumbles from the freezer room as the Universe speaks, “Yes! I will lead you! Go to the ones that glow!” He sees the next one glowing and runs to open it. The plate on the capsule reads, “Leonardo da Vinci.” Ethan gets the capsule door open and helps the man out, and the Universe releases him, and the next capsule glows. Getting to it, Ethan realizes that it is Shakespeare! Ethan could not believe it! He was discovering just how important all these people were, thinking, “All these people are the brilliant minds throughout our history, and Mr. Steins has been collecting them for centuries!” Making him question, “Have their minds been used throughout time also? The Universe did show him something like that, didn’t he?” But Ethan had no time to think as the capsule’s keep glowing for him to release the next person. Characters from the freezer room: Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Libby Vilardo, and Richard Gallivan.
As the story progresses, Ethan finds out just how bad Mr. Steins really is. Mr. Steins has made all his employees clones to protect his secrets, like his secret lab, and the freezer room that is full of generations of brilliant minds throughout time. Then there are the children that he has made into orphans like Candice Vilardo, and Olivia Braxton, so he can use their Gifts. Also, the children he has made sick, so he could find the star of the Universe. Then there is the Gateway that he has used to take many lives away with. Mr. Steins is a Watcher of Time and is trying to take control over the Universe. But with Ethan’s help, things start to get difficult for Mr. Steins. Mr. Steins thinks he can beat Ethan, but he didn’t know that Harry Ginaman teaches him a thing or two about using the mind, with the protection of the All-Seeing Eye, and having the Universe on his side, they work together, gets the Star of the Universe.

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